Bug? Liking a root post in the boing group collapses it and makes it unreadable


I tried liking the parent post in a boing topic and the post itself disappeared and was replaced with ‘…’. I couldn’t expand it as no “Show Full Post” button appeared until I reloaded the page.

Why is liking a root post causing it to collapse?
If this is intended behavior, why isn’t the Show Full Post button appearing until I reload?

I’ve reproduced this several times today.

Testing the "Show Full Post" button
Four years of BBS

I have stumbled on that one in the past… a refresh will fix it. The annoying bit is when some else likes it and then it automagically does it.


It also seems like I can only reproduce this when there’s no replies to the post but I don’t have a large sample size to confirm this as a cause.

And yes, a refresh does fix it. Definitely doesn’t feel like an intended UX though.


Can confirm. Firefox on Win7, but I think I have also seen it with Firefox on a linux box.


Indeed. That have I seen before, annoying.

I just tested it with a topic with no comments and it indeed collapsed when I gave it a like. From the other side, why liking a post before you have read it? Maybe not a bug but a feature?


In my case, I read the post and then liked it. It’s also possible for someone to read the post on the main page and then like it after following the comments link.

I’ve seen similar behavior happen when flagging a root post (which I will do sometimes to alert the staff of things like typos, bad links, updates to the story, etc) but I understand that behavior more.


You are right, that is a possibility I did not thought about.

It can still be a feature, not one which we BBS readers like, but I can see, if not a bug, why.


Well, it just kinda reproduced for me after I read through and responded to a post along with a big gap of white space.

At least this time it showed the “show full post” button, but why did it collapse it to begin with?

Cc: @codinghorror.


Yeah, I get this every time I like a boing OP. And also, the white spaces between replies is sometimes a thing.


It is known


This is getting worse. Now I can just be reading the root post and it suddenly goes to “…” and I have to reload the page again. Very annoying.


It can happen when anyone else clicks the Like button, too. I think it can also happen when someone clicks the “Originally published at” link, because I’ve seen it happen without the Like Counter incrementing.


Still happening. Still annoying.


Yup. I get it too, with stock browser on Samsung Galaxy s4, Android Lollipop. For topics consisting of a picture or video only, the Show Full Post button will never work. I open the story in a separate tab for those. For text or text/photo pieces, I can read the story until someone likes it or I like it. It doesn’t matter whether or not there are follow-up posts, it acts the same either way.


is that what the eff has been happening? I use a variety of browsers, and this sounds familiar. Will post when it happens to me.


Yeah still happening to me across all browsers I try - mobile and desktop.


I’ve seen this happening too

@codinghorror any thoughts on this?


Same here, Firefox & Safari both.


Yeah, so my mouse-writing looks like shite. But still…



This particular bug should finally be squashed.