Capital One may visit customers at home, work





What's in your wallet?™


Exactly. Their primary purpose for the visit is to case the joint.



When did Samuel L Jackson start doing Capital One ads?


Now, I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet...


This is ok by me as long as they dress up like Vikings


The vaguely threatening, decidedly invasive notion of visits from creditors is creepy. If even one visit goes awry they would definitely get some seriously bad press. If there is never a visit to anyone anytime, it starts to seem more like intimidation, telling every prospective debtor that they can reach out & touch them anytime, anywhere.

But hey, that's where we've been heading.


It says they can show up at your door, it doesn't say you have to let them in.


This is an incredibly stupid idea. Somebody is going to get hurt.


In the same sense that you don't HAVE to let them have a bite of your Big Kahuna burger.


Banks varied in their philosophy of interest rates, minimum
monthly payments, and so on. None of that mattered to Bud. What
mattered was what they would do to him if he got into arrears, and
so after he had allowed a decent interval to pass pretending to listen
very carefully to all this crap about interest rates, he inquired, in an offhanded way, like it was an afterthought, about their collection
policy. The banker glanced out the window like he hadn’t noticed.
The soundtrack segued into some kind of a cool jazz number
and a scene of a multicultural crew of ladies and gentlemen, not
looking much like degraded credit abusers at all, sitting around a
table assembling chunky pieces of ethnic jewelry by hand. They
were having a good time too, sipping tea and exchanging lively
banter. Sipping too much tea, to Bud’s suspicious eye, so opaque to
so many things yet so keen to the tactics of media manipulation.
They were making rather a big deal out of the tea.


Reason #547316312 to never get a capital one card. Yay!

Having creditors pay you a visit/make a scene at work seems to be a good way to ensure that the person who you are trying to get money from may lose their job and be less likely to be able to pay you back.

Having anyone show up at the place where your family lives, unless they're bringing girl scout cookies, seems to be a good way to potentially lose some collections agents. Folks tend to be somewhat protective of their children etc... and anyone acting in the remotest way threatening is likely not to be received well. "why yes, my tomatoes are growing rather well this year. What do I fertilize them with? Why nothing special...".


I have one of these cards. I guess I better tidy up and vacuum.


Wonder how many home visits will take place in Texas before company policy is updated to reflect the rather liberal application of the castle doctrine in that state.


Having the specific purpose of collections, or even approaching collections, on one of these visits would likely fall afoul of the CCPA & likely many state AG offices & consumer affairs divisions would take issue with this in some way or another. But the suggestion that they will/can visit you for reasons unspecified should probably do that much as it smacks of intimidation on it's face.

They claim its for repossession of large ticket items, but that smells, they don't need that there to be able to or facilitate repossession of an item. Maybe they would use the language of a contract to try and gain entry by convincing a customer it gives them the right to do so, which it doesn't. Weird, things must be pretty sorry down there when a cc company has to concern itself with direct repossession & facilitate it so.


When he needed money


Really those are goths.

Stupid ads.


When he needed wanted money