This TV ad for a Canadian bank may make you cry


Is it sad that I’m too jaded to cry? Imagining myself in their shoes, I figured my reactions would have been (1) boy, this is creepy, and (2) okay, what’s the catch; what am I expected to give up now?

When I was younger, I was concerned about my growing cynicism, but as I curmudgeoned along in life, I came to regard it as the healthiest option. So now I can feel joy for the beneficiaries, admiration for the creativity of the benefactors, and still understand that the bank is my friend, a friendship limited only by the amount of money they think I have.


Yeah, this is nestled firmly in the uncanny valley of creepy marketing.


It’s like the mafia making commercials about the turkeys they give away on Thanksgiving.


Yeah, and I did tear up a little for the woman who got tickets to Trinidad to see her daughter who has cancer. I’m glad that she’ll get the chance to see her.

But the commercial is the work (albeit extremely effective work) of an ad agency, who spent relatively little to make it, with perhaps a few thousand dollars of their allotted budget spent on the gifts that the “thanking machine” dispensed. And it’s designed to make you think that TD Canada is your friend, not one of those nasty banks you hear so much about. Well done, Ad Agency!

Being an american (I don’t capitalize it any more, nor do I sing anthems or recite pledges to it), I confess that I have no firm knowledge about TD Canada. Perhaps they’re a modern-day equivalent of Capra’s “Bailey’s Building & Loan”, a lone good guy amongst a world of bad. But you can tell by the snark that I don’t believe that for a second. Anyone out there know of a bank that’s not designed to make all of the money it can (the defined nature of a corporation)? I’m okay with my credit union, but haven’t recently seen a bank that wasn’t reprehensible. (Anyone remember Occupy Wall Street? Lots and lots of bankers on that hallowed street…)

I’ve not willingly watched a commercial of any kind–clever though I know some of them are–in years, because their main objective is to MANUFACTURE CONSENT. So, yes…even though this one was, as previously stated, very well done, I felt duped five seconds after it was over for letting the lone tear stream down my face, though happy that the woman would get to see her daughter. We’ve been getting played from every angle by those with power for far too long for me to feel otherwise.


Hello Christine! I’m your ATM! I’m here to thank you! And also to thank your sons Jaden and Christopher here’s two piggy banks! Inside one is a check for a thousand dollars! But I think we both know Christopher can’t be trusted with that kind of money - so instead he gets a coupon for six weeks of rehab!

What’s that? You didn’t know? Well TD Bank is here to help! We also know your husband couldn’t be here to share, because he’s at a conference in Calgary. So we’re sending flowers to the hotel room he’s sharing with one Jessica Schumer… Christine? Hello?


Nope, didn’t cry.

But yay that they spy on their customers and take advantage of them for cheap exploitative advertising.


Where are Boston Celtics? :stuck_out_tongue:

The lawsuit accused the bank of racketeering and aiding and abetting fraud. A U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale had denied TD Bank’s bid to have the award overturned or to order a new trial.

ha ha ha @xeni
Had me going there for a second.

I guess I’m not that cynical, because I shed a tear.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter that it may have been the work of an ad agency, paid for by a bank that may not be the best corporate citizen on the planet. The gestures are still good actions, are heartfelt, and will help people. You can applaud a good gesture while at the same time complain of other less-laudable actions an institution takes.

I have to say I am a customer of TD, even though they’re not my primary banking institution (I bank at a “Caisse Populaire”, a sort of credit union), and I have only had great service from them.

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Isn’t this basically the same as the Canadian WestJet stunt?


I liked this commercial when I saw it on YouTube, wound up watching the whole thing. It’s not so creepy when you realize the people in it must have known something gimmicky was up though. In order for them to be so specific for the customers, someone would have had to ask each of them to make sure to go over to the comically oversized ATM that day whether that was their intention or not.


Clearly neither of us got the memo. Silly us with our shades of gray.

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Is it real?

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FYI the bank is “TD Canada Trust”. Not “TD Canada”. I guess I am being old fashioned in expecting journalists to get basic facts like names correct.


As banks go, the Canadian ‘charter 5’ are fairly good, mostly because they have been legislated that way.


I assume those people are actors paid to play the role of a gratified customer.

Pretty sure that this link is to a Korean bank ad. Pacobel hip hop
Just the Canon in D as done on traditional Korean instruments complete with DJ and break dancing.

The bluejays fan looks a lot like this guy…

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Ok, TD, now do it without cameras, without the intention to make money and look good as a result of your “generosity” and “compassion.”

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