What commercial do you hate the most?

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Nobody went to jail for this.


I hate all commercials, can’t stand them


This is the worst commercial running right now, hands down. “You brought all those players in your Buick? That’s so you.” This woman’s reputation is defined by bringing large numbers of children in a Buick SUV? That’s sad.


Cut the cord. No commercials. Done.

Oh, and every damn ad on this site.


My children think I’m crazy for how far I’m willing to go to block ads on YouTube. I think they’re crazy for being willing to endure 10-15 second commercials in the middle of a YouTube video when they can be blocked with just a bit of preparation.

My ad-blocking regime:

  1. Use pihole on the home network
  2. Install ad-block plus on all computer browsers, phones, and tablets
  3. Never install or use the native YouTube app: always view YouTube videos through the browser

Adblock Plus makes short work of them. I don’t ever have to watch ads on YouTube. (Not to mention making it possible to visit Boing Boing :wink:)

And let me add to @derioderio 's recommendation: My Pihole is a miracle. Now if I could just configure it to work with Private Internet Access (whose own DNS sinkhole doesn’t work anywhere close to as well) I’d be golden.


Of course I can’t find it again when I want to, but just last night I saw a YouTube ad promoting tourism to Asheville, NC.

It asked me “have you ever exfoliated your soul?”

which is so unforgivably awful it not only makes me not want to ever visit Asheville, NC, but I now want to dedicate my life to preventing others from ever visiting Asheville, NC.


I find that PiHole works great for sidebar advertising on most websites, but YouTube ads are such a moving target that I’ve never gotten my PiHole to block a single one of them. How do you do it?

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For me, too, Pihole by itself won’t block the in-video ads, likely because they’re being served up from YouTube itself, and so evade the DNS blacklist. But for some reason Adblock Plus works like a charm on in-video ads. The one-two punch of both of these do a really good job of sanitizing YouTube.

ETA: And the other reason I love my Pihole: it blocks the sidebar advertising in my Roku (though not e.g. Hulu’s annoying in-video ads, probably for the same reason as above.)


There are a whole bunch of ads running on my (in Ireland) YouTube for getting your teeth fixed in three months with a clear aligner (dunno, don’t care). They’re all bad but the one with the greasy looking hungover guy with his mouth open is the worst.

So picking hateful commercials is a race to the bottom.

What about favorite commercials?

I nominate pretty much any Levis commercial from the late '80s early '90s…


Every Geico commercial ever made.

I would actually have saved money by using them for car insurance when I bought a new car recently, but I hate their commercials so much I opted to pay more for a company with slightly less obnoxious ads.


i hated the one that ran recently where the husband buys an xmas gift of a buick for himself and one for his wife, and she’s like thanks i’m taking yours… like wtf, first of all what do they even do for a living that they just surprise each other with brand new suvs, and second that’s pretty entitled and jerky


All Buick commercials are terrible.


any commercial that contains the language “tell your doctor if you have [life-threatening condition].” i’m going to the doctor because i expect them to tell me if there’s something wrong. if i have to tell them, it’s probably because i’m fishing for a doctor who will prescribe me whatever it is i just saw on tv.


I can’t avoid this one while enjoying live sports:


i find that one particularly offensive, although all car ads around the holidays – especially the hi end luxury cars – where giving one is viewed as a routine christmas gift turns my stomach


I was raised in a house that tried to be ad free. When a magazine/newspaper arrived my dad would immediately tear out all full-page ads before anyone read it. Similarly no tv commercial ever aired with sound (once tv remotes became a thing)

I’m appreciative of that and have continued the tradition. Online I use a combination of privacy badger, ublock origin, and/or adblock plus (with custom block lists) on each device. Javascript is off by default on all sites (this makes a big difference) only activated when needed and no accounts are left logged in.

For instance when I used to shop on amazon back in the day, browsing can be done without JS and logged out – then if I actually decided to buy something I’d log in a nd turn on JS buy the item and turn off. This prevents any ads related to that thing you were browsing. I do the same for other online shopping

Yes, I’m a pseudo-luddite that browses an internet that at times looks reminisent of 1990 era netscape on a telnet connection to the server through dial up, but honestly its better than the ads


I can confirm this. After much research on Google, I can state there are no good Buick commercials. Even the fake or parody ones seem good by comparison… because you just watched a bunch of bad Buick ads.

The closest I could get to a good ad with a Buick is actually a State Farm ad:

Or you can watch some of Jay Leno’s garage with some of his old Buicks. Which might make you want one, but nothing less than 40 years old.

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At first it was the one that autoplayed for me here :confused:

The two have recently come to hate:

This fucking Neiman Marcus song because 1) Woah - Hulu, you think I am way classier than I am. and 2) Hate the song 3) Just way to frequent.

And thin this one when I saw on TV I instantly had a “No. No. No. No. No. No. Stop it. STOP IT. SSSTTTTAAAHHPPP IIITTTTT!!!” reaction.

My theory - this is why Daft Punk split up - dispute over licensing this song.

Cleanser - the original Technologic

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