Capitol police officer explains to Congress why the pro-Trump rioters are terrorists

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Yep. It’s not that difficult to get is it?


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it” – Upton Sinclair

Or, instead of “salary”, substitute “retention of power” for seditious scum like Green, Gosar and Gaetz.

Those who choose not to understand it without being compensated with money or office are idiots and/or white supremacists. Business as usual for the GQP.


that was one of my favorite of many, many stunning and shattering things these four brave officers said today. i really hope all the media take it to heart, and start referring to the terrorists that showed up on Jan 6th at the Capitol building as such, instead of using watered-down terms like “protestors,” “angry citizens,” etc.

[EDIT]: personally, i prefer “insurrectionists” to “terrorists,” but at least the latter is closer to the truth.


For a lot of the DC press corps, yes, it is.

For weeks their obsession has been tut-tutting about the supposed failure of the Democrats to accommodate Trump loyalists in the GOP when setting up the Committee. Chuck Todd has been one of many who have pretended that somehow Pelosi could have done more, listened harder to them. That somehow Jim Jordan would have become a deep thinking, helpful ally if only she would have brought him on board.

The DC insiders have echoed GOP talking points about how moving forward with GOP reps Cheney and Kinzinger is the problem, and somehow not the rest of the GOP’s collusion with terrorists.

What’s nuts about the DC press is that they are convinced that nothing will come out of this – that at its foundation, it’s all debatable, malleable, unfounded accusations with equally valid denials.

This is despite the fact their very own colleagues were there. Their very own colleagues are witnesses, and in some cases, victims of the mob.

But as far as Chuck Todd is concerned, his own colleagues are worth throwing under the bus for the sake of the word of the GOP chattering class he actually values. What do those other reporters really know? Kellyanne Conaway and Bret Stephens assure him it’s a big partisan zero, all a distraction from, uh, immigration. No, make that gas prices. No, uh, crime. Yeah, that’s it, a distraction from crime.

It’s as big a sign as there is that the DC opinion class does not care about headline grabbing, ratings-improving news. These self-styled tigers are being offered a giant helping of red meat, and they are moaning that Pelosi is serving it in the wrong kind of bowl. Oh, we couldn’t possibly jump on this story, no matter how juicy it is – it’s not the right kind of bipartisanship, you see.


A good write up on that type of reporting:


I do see and I’ll admit to not knowing all the idiosynchrosies* and I appreciate the info. Just been conversing with a friend in the US about questioning their desire to spreak anti-vax info. I’ve been polite. I’ve discussed the science, real worldwide science. The fact that I’ve lost loved ones and others are vulnerable and I have compassion for them and everyone really. I’ve been blocked.

*spelling probably wrong but I think the message is right.


Something to do with freedom. And something about Pelosi and just general rubbish… This person was in a very controlled cult but is emancipated however sees controlling boogie men everywhere. I sort of understand. But I asked her to look at the science and other nations approaches to this Pandemic, respectully. Blocked.

This is just infuriating. The original bill to establish a January 6 commission was negotiated so that the four Congressional party leaders could each appoint 2 members, and 1 chair each guaranteeing an equal appointment of members and no veto ability. Senate Republicans filibustered and killed the commission thus requiring Pelosi to create a Select Committee.

Pelosi then asked McCarthy to appoint nominees and of course he appoints people to the committee that were outspoken January 6 deniers like Jim Jordan. I mean, FFS – just setting aside politics, would you want to work on a team where you’re surrounded by people who are only there to sabotage things? This isn’t about “differing viewpoints” – it’s about not wanting to work with people who aren’t there on good faith to begin with. Of course, Pelosi vetoes the two fringe nominees and McCarthy predictably cries out in faux indignation and pulls all his nominees from the Committee.

This isn’t 4D chess – this is all entirely predictable and expected.


I don’t understand for the citizen to fight something so vehementally. Don’t get a vaccine if You don’t want to. Why deter or distract or outright lie to others.


jeebus barking christmas!
this is particularly infuriating from the article:
From the beginning, Banks made it clear that he intended to derail the committee’s work. He accused Democrats of creating it to “malign conservatives.”

“I will not allow this committee to be turned into a forum for condemning millions of Americans because of their political beliefs,” he declared.

Fucking fascist, nazi-aligned asshole must be maligned at every turn or word they utter. if that means disenfranchising the voting “voices” of fascists, then fuck yes! fascism must gain NO toehold - not one millimeter - of ground in the United States of America!
this is not a first amendment issue. this is not ceding any ground to fascists, whatsoever.
fuck 'em and feed 'em to the fish.


I see a hero there, and tragedy, that he will carry for the rest of his life. Thank you good Sir, and FUCK YOU tRumpers/QGOP’ers to hell.

P.S. Brace for the tidal wave of tRumper/reich winger BS that will be flowing after that testimony.


I was thinking the same thing. Imagine, you show up to work one day, and live through those horrible hours, and then have to live through these horrible months of aftermath. I’m so so thankful that these officers are willing and able to continue speaking up to try to salvage our democracy and bring consequences to bear on those responsible. I also recognize how much their lives have been disrupted by all of this.


The way media, politicians and the public in general have treated the events of January 6th is just infuriating. We saw Trump incite an attempted overthrow of our Democratic process. Right-wing terrorists overran the Capitol with the aim of lynching elected officials and disrupting the counting of votes. People literally died. But every goddamn day since then, it’s nothing but:
They were just peaceful protestors
They were friendly sightseers
They were ANTIFA pretending to be Trumpers
They were undercover CIA agents
They were good-hearted oafs who were led astray and they’re the real victims
Trump had nothing to do with it
It was somehow the Democrats’ fault
It was somehow Biden’s fault
It didn’t happen

I cannot believe how transparent the lies are, yet somehow still effective at getting people to ignore what we all saw on January 6th. The FACT that the insurrectionists were terrorists should never have been in question at all, yet somehow, months later, it’s controversial?


The men that gave congressional testimony today and their families are/will be in grave danger for some time to come. This Nation owes a debt of the highest gratitude to these men, and the danger they willingly bring onto themselves to keep the USA a democracy, albeit a flawed one, glued together.

Think on what future they face, it boggles the imagination, that is courage & bravery the likes we see so very little of these days.


Does code title 18, part one chapter 113B section 2331 come with a handy colour chart?


I did hear the police also calling them insurrectionists, too. So they managed to cover the bases with “terrorists” and “Insurrectionists.”


Officer Hodges explains why he refers to the Jan. 6th rioters as ‘terrorists.’

And yet whoever wrote this for MSNBC clearly didn’t listen.


The very article that we’re looking at calls them ‘rioters’ while they quote the definition that makes them terrorists.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.

“Tune in next week to find out why Scientists think the purple sky is ‘blue’”