Capitol rioter gets 5 years in prison for pepper spraying police

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So, carrying and deploying pepper spray against LE for his normal tourist visit then, I guess.

Rot in prison, traitor.


Ramey didn’t steal or actually break into the Capitol, but that he was simply “egged on by more nefarious forces” that day.


Pepper spray.

I’m assuming a lot of the Jan 6 rioters are the same gun loving “defend my country” types that usually parade around like rambo when not insurrectioning. But remarkably there were only a handful of people caught with handguns that day. Also interesting is that there may have been an armed cache near by for some kind of “rapid response” fantasy but I don’t think that was ever confirmed.

Why are all these ammosexuals finally getting their blaze of glory moment but went in without their usual assaulty weapons? It feels very planned and coordinated, why? There should be records and questions about this already but I can’t find any info.

Did the insurrectionists think if they were armed then the government would wipe them out, but unarmed they could have a better chance at overwhelming the small force protecting the capitol?

The deplorables I talk with were immediately downplaying J6 as nothing more than cosplay and being dismissive, obviously this was the messaging being sent out by whoever was exciting the events that day.

Anyone else find the lack of guns odd? Have any theories?


Not carrying a gun that day was woke, yo. How embarrassing for a common law abiding lemming to wind up woke and now in prison.

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Agreed. Really enjoying the ongoing flow of these convictions.


He won’t be an aircraft mechanic when he gets out. You can’t pass a SIDA background check with a felony on your record.


For one thing, anyone attending the rally where Trump called upon his supporters to march to the Capitol would have had to pass through security checkpoints that included metal detectors. The J6 hearings included testimony making it clear that Trump himself was peeved about that.


Near as much confirmation as you’re going to get.

The jury convicted Rhodes, but acquitted Caldwell of the more serious charges. Caldwell was connected to the Quick Reaction Force.


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It was touch and go whether or not they’d have to go through a metal detector, Trump was fighting that, but his own staff and Secret Service wanted to have magnetometers set up. Most likely the would be gun carriers thought they’d be excluded from the festivities, and might have lost guns and not been given them back. They may also have been told not to by strategic leaders, if they had guns, someone would have shot cops (and possibly congress members), which would have led to immediate lethal cop response, as well as being horrible PR. They likely felt force of numbers was sufficient to overwhelm security, and they were horrifically close to being correct.


Thanks for posting. Reminds me of Putin’s motorcycle gang.


He wants a career in law enforcement.


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Such judges (and others) don’t seem to be aware of what acceptance of violence could eventually mean for them.


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