5 years in prison for Capitol Hill riot's Zip Tie guy and 2 1/2 years for his mom, looking after him there

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I bet he’d got his fingers crossed.


The family that crime’s together; does not do time together.

Sorry- mom won’t be there to protect you.


Good, hopefully we won’t have to worry about this idiot “crime” family. More importantly, the next group of idiots who want to get into mischief when TFG loses again and goes to jail will remember what happened to the J6 losers and go do something else.


Learn from history? That’s “woke”. /s

If Trump is able to run (there are discussions about the Fourteenth Amendment, and he’s not exactly young or looking particularly healthy) and loses, I expect some set of his cultists will FA much like the January 6th insurrectionists did. This time, though, law enforcement will be ready to defend Congress by force and I would not be surprised if some of the cultists don’t live long enough to FO.


Zip Tie guy was how I knew that Jan 6 wasn’t a spontaneous mob - it was a planned insurrection.

He’s also how I got into open source investigation with Sedition Hunters trying to identify people from the leaked Parler footage.


I’m not a fan of various governments we’ve had over the years, certainly right now Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan have crackpots in power - and social policies in the past have meant protests and demonstrations… angry people marching with signs… the usual. But to mob-charge a government institution with weapons and restraints to take some action against any of the elected types - that YOU can grab the Speaker and cuff them to be held until trial - it’s delusional…

Maybe part of their sentence mandates them taking some courses on how civil governments work… so they can have that “A-ha!” moment and see there was no way their efforts were remotely plausible to achieve their goals and that voting or running for election is the proper path forward.

This is a case for Fail Army to put out a video with each of these morons doing their moron thing, then ends with them in court finding out.


How the fuck does breaking into the Capitol with the clear intent to take elected officials hostage translate to only five years?


Yeah, I think this guy and his mom could and should have gotten twice the amount of prison they did.


Because they are middle aged white people?


‘The judge described Munchel and his mother as “basically good people” who accepted responsibility for their serious crimes.’

Holy crap.


I have no words. None that won’t get me banned, anyway. I’m seeing red now.


No, the FO comes violently and sudden.


“Basically good people” don’t participate in a violent insurrection to overthrow the results of a democratic election.


The alternative is even more scary; he always wears body armour, carries zip-tie cuffs and hunts his prey with his mum.

Also, scary; you can buy zip-tie cuffs from Amazon! Why?!


He didn’t bring the zip-ties from home.

Munchel bumped fists with a member of the anti-government Oath Keepers extremist group before he and his mother entered the Capitol through an emergency exit door. Inside, Munchel stole zip-tie handcuffs from a shelf and handed one to his mother.

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Because it turns a profit. :woman_shrugging:

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