Captain America in a turban



I love this. What is more American than moving to the US and assimilating? Of course Captain American can be brown, black, asian, or whatever, everybody gets to be an American if they want[1]. It would make even more sense if Captain America was a mulatto.

[1] Minus low skill Latinos apparently. :frowning:


It’s not even really the moving and assimilating, it’s having the broadest possible latitude to be and do what you want and still be a part.

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Vishi utterly rocked it. Don’t shush up our differences with all that horridly polite, politically-correct bs. And better yet, flung bananas at ultra-conservative Indian views and immigrants who don’t assimilate. Take 'em out and PLAY with 'em, dammit!

And in that same spirit, I double-triple dare him to go to temple as Cpt. America, lol. Rules are, he can take his shoes off of course (because, temple + barefoot Cpt. America!), but may not crack a smile or explain. Just go.

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What you did there. I see it.

Now look at it.


I agree with this, but also with Cap being blond and blue-eyed there was a dramatic irony of him being the ideal nazi-arayan fighting against their (shitty) principals*.

*of course this could be more of a modern interpretation and the original creators just wanted a ‘nice guy from next door’

PPS I would love to see Mr Singh punch a nazi in the face.


LOL - and what could possibly be more human than talking monkeys flinging bananas?

Captain America today would wear a designer Italian suit, drive a German car, and do whatever it takes to make sure that anyone following any of them crazy-ass (far and middle) Eastern religions that try to tell people how to behave be treated with a lot of suspicion. Except for that one, y,know, which is the true religion, but not the others – just shut up, I know what’s good for you.

Strongly disagree! Like Santa, once Cap’s exploits were chronicled his character and abilities fell under the aegis of the kids who believed in him. I’ve been one of those kids right from that moment in 1964 when I plunked down my 12 cents for Avengers #4, up until now. Steve Rogers’ “Silver Age” fans are now silver ourselves, but we’re still hale enough to guide his feet away from your thorny path.

(Bona Fides: at my C.O. status hearing for 'Nam, the only thing the board was even remotely impressed by was my respect for Cap’n America; I’m not gonna let Cap turn into a sour old fart after he came through for me ; -)

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Anybody ever wonder what kind of secret screw ups Captain America must be hiding? He’s completed umpteen missions against jillions of America’s enemies. Yet in 72 years he hasn’t gotten a promotion? What is our government covering up?

I blame General Disinterest.


Could be a Private Matter.


Or Major Antipathy.


Excellent point.

Let’s say that if he were created today, his name would be “Captain America First, God’s Right Hand”, assembled by a committee that neither understands comics, heroes, or what true American values are, but put a lot of stock in hand-picked focus groups.

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I think what is so sad is that if you know any fucking anything at all about Sikh history, you would realize that they descend from a long and proud lineage of Captain America like bad ass people. For most religions, their martyrs tend to die standing up for their own religion. Sikh martyrs on the other hand have a long history of dying defending someone else’s religion. They hold equality, liberty, and self determination as high ideals. Seriously, go read some Sikh history. It will blow your mind away. They are as awesome as a religion gets.

Put another way, if I had some hopeless (or not so hopeless) noble cause and I had to pick 100 people to stand with me, but I could pick only on the basis of their religion or non-religion, I wouldn’t even think twice before picking Sikh’s, and anyone else who would pick another religion is a damn fool.


Don’t forget about Captain Average White American aka Captain 'Murika:

Let’s hope we don’t have to bring in Corporal Punishment.


Now, be nice or we’ll have to bring out Miss Sogyny. She’s 4-door, and gold-plated…

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