See Spiderman in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer


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His costume eyeholes change expression.


Batman no likey.


Captain America was all like


When the mask moved around Deadpool’s eyes, you could believe that it was his expression underneath causing it and not CGI added in post-production.

In this case it’s too jarringly obvious that it’s CGI. At least they have time to dial it back before the movie release.


Does Captain America represent South America too?

And when is the episode where he fights Captain Australia?


“Hey everyone”? See they’ve got Spidey’s trademark wisecracks down pat…


This guy?


Why isn’t there a Captain Britain film yet?
(they could use Alan Moore’s stuff and upset him again)



Would Captain America get a makeover for a Trump-era America?


Wasn’t his name Union Jack? That’s the way better name anyway.

There’s Captain Britain AND Union Jack. I’m more of a Union Jack guy personally.


I was so relieved the other day to find out that did, in fact, come from Italian Spider-Man. (It isn’t actually Italian, but a spoof series I really should get around to watching one of these days – along with Danger 5, by the same people.)


He got shot for being anti-Bush. I’d hate to see what a Trump makeover involved.


In the close-up you can see that the costume has some kind of sliding lens covers around the edges of the eyes. It’s an interesting solution to the problem of “how do we make Spider-Man’s eyes as expressive in a live-action movie as they are in the comic?” (Deadpool just solved the problem by abandoning any pretense of realism and making a mask that would basically have to be spray-painted onto his eyelids.)


I just want to put this out there:

If you’re in favor of registering and controlling firearms then you should be pro superhuman registration.

I want to side with Cap because “freedom”, but I’m forced to side with IM over this.


Not everyone gets to be a superpowered human though the way that just about anyone can buy a gun.


I’m totally not looking to start anything, but I think there’s probably an argument to be made that there’s a difference between registering property and registering people.


The first season of Danger 5 is well worth watching, especially if you were a fan of any of Gerry Anderson’s shows. The second season, not so much.

That 1970 non-animated TV Spiderman puzzles me. I would have been 14, was a big Spiderman fan (and TV viewer) at the time, and have no recollection of the show. Can someone confirm whether the show was real?


There is no intelligence or goodwill in how powers or super intellect get handed out. While any asshole can buy a gun it is also true that any asshole can get struck by an alien meteor.