Captain America, then and now


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The greatest thing about the old Cap theme is the fact that someone managed to rhyme “duel” with “blue’ll.”


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This seems like a good place to post this Avengers: Then and Now image I saw the other day:

Edit: too big to post here, original (well, one of the original) source here


The images came from this trailer for the little-known 1978 made-for-TV Avengers movie:

Amazing what people recorded on their $800 VCRs back in the day.


OMG. I must watch that movie.

Edit: DAMN, it’s a fake. That’s a shame.

Ahem: weak.

Alan Alda as the wrong “Hawkeye” didn’t tip you off? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I saw that in the gif and figured “Ok, they’re just messing around for some of these” - then the trailer fooled me, briefly (until I watched it all the way through, I posted before finishing watching it). If I ever get a time machine, though, I’m going back in time to make sure that movie gets made.

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Let alone the ‘Thor’ they used is from a 1980s Hulk tv movie and NOT from the 70s.

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Does anyone know who composed and/or performed the theme tunes for the Marvel cartoons? They’re darned good examples of “advertising jingles” of the time, as evinced by the fact that many of us can still sing our favorites from memory many decades later.

Most of them were a single verse, as in this example or the Mighty Thor theme, but the verse/chorus/verse/tag of Spiderman was part of the same family.

I’ve always assumed that the performances were some studio’s session musicians, which may mean that the writing was also an uncredited effort. But someone must know who to applaud and/or razz…

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From the How It Should Have Ended - Super Cafe supercut: [spoilers for all sorts of superhero movies]

(Feh. Start at about 7:15.)

Sadly fake… But camp icons Peter Wyngarde (here playing Jason King who was the basis of X-Men baddy Mastermind) as Tony Stark & Peter Lynde as Loki were pretty inspired choices. I’d love Marvel to up the camp in their movies / comics / TV programmes - they are also so serious.

The Iron Man, in case anyone cared, is Exo-Man ( A TV movie or failed pilot (whichever you prefer) that I think I’ve seen more times then I care to admit on a public forum.

You know not whereof you speak. I have one of these, and it still works: hours of gameplay - it gets faster every round - with disks, light cycles, and MCP boss battles, all packed into a cleverly designed 2"x3" 3-color LCD segment display behind a Fresnel lens. It is the pinnacle of early 80s LCD gaming technology and it’s awesome.

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Hawkeye :smiley:

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