Listen: "My Life As A Weapon" is a power pop anthem about ADHD and Hawkeye from the Avengers

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Fun, good show Yee Rolanders!

Tell me silver surfer made the cut!

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Right tf on! Great job, guys. Who’s in the tremendous photo?
Edit: Just saw the flickr credit.

Always seemed the odd man out:


Nice!!! Just posted this to our #ClintBartonFans group in Facebook! They will love it :slight_smile:


Song is great heres hoping fans get it into whatever the future holds in the MCU for the Hawkeye brand.

the cosplay team in the accompanying picture is adorable but ends up reminding me of the series “old man Logan” and “old man Hawkeye” and now I’m sad-adjacent. still though cute hulk lol

Damn straight, it’s great stuff! Bravo to all involved, love the ADHD angle.

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