New Avengers: Age of Ultron TV ad makes us stoked for May 1


James Spader may well make this movie. Can’t wait!

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I’m going through all of the Marvel movies, one-shots and TV shows right (Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., Agent Carter, and soon Daredevil and Jessica Jones) in preparation for this.

It’s a reunion from Less Than Zero, except that I actually care a little bit about this fillim.

One bit really stands out, where Black Widow sez, “Hey, big guy.”

I’m guessing this is a set-up for the mid-credits scene, where Hulk surprises Black Widow on the Pont de Arts footbridge as she reads a newspaper. Hulk reveals to her that he is the true creator of “The Avengers initiative,” and has carefully guided all their encounters as part of a plan to bankrupt certain insurance firms that refused to pay claims for Hulk damage (“they put blame on Acts of God, but Hulk smash – not puny God!”) and Tony Stark, whose company produced the unstable equipment that led to David Banner’s tragic gamma ray overdose.

Vowing to keep his secret, Natasha watches in amusement as Hulk attempts to secure a padlock to the bridge, but his fat green fingers lack the needed fine-motor control to perform the task. The scene ends as Hulk roars in frustration, grabbing Natasha by an ankle and hurling her against the walls of the nearby Palais des Arts.

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