Avengers Endgame 'portals' scene recreated in LEGO

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/06/16/avengers-endgame-portals-s.html


Why? Did someone send out an evite before the big battle that nobody other than Dr. Strange had any idea was forthcoming?

You missed the Zzzz story line of the redhead with no super powers who suffered so while running the Avengers during the bad times? She didn’t put out a call as part of the time heist? Hmm

Why would Black Widow expect the time heist to culminate in a giant battle though? The part where past-Thanos got Pym particles and flew a giant space cruiser through the time portal wasn’t exactly in the plan.

If anything they had a pretty good turnout for a last-minute “come as you are” party.


Needs more Dead Pool.

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