Loki Season 2 discussion thread. Glorious spoliers abound

Let’s chat about that ender and amazing second season of Loki.

  1. Tom Hiddelston continues to amaze me. If this is truly the end for his run, I am sure his neck will thank him for not having to do the head whip anymore.

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  1. I appreciate the open ended story for Mobius

  2. I do wonder what disney/marvel is going to do with Kang going forward. With Majors real life alleged crimes, one wonders if they can continue to hold out or change things up. It is unfortunate he is apparently a shit human because he was sublime in every appearance so far for me.

  3. What was that flash of light that Renslayer saw?


Alioth, the Monster who guards the castle beyond time.





That was my first thought too, but I am a big believer in “if you don’t see it, don’t assume its what you think it is” I also wonder who/what was flying away from HWR’s castle at the end of s1. Watch the scene again where Loki and Sylvie first see the castle. There is definitely a vessel leaving.

I would be down with Doom replacing but since we know they have no problem with recasting I say go for it. Hell, bring back Terrence Howard as Kang :smiley:

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At the end the tva said they hunted down Kang variants; and that one was on Earth 616 - but that they took care of it. That could be the story. And as it’s a variant- they can cast anyone. Look at all those wonderful Loki variants.


Yeah there’s really nothing that currently needs to be resolved with Kang’s story unless they choose to revive it and frankly not a lot of audience demand for it. Doom is a far more popular villain anyway, they might as well just go ahead with him instead.


I had to double check, but they actually said the other Kang variants were out there but seemed to know nothing of the TVA. The 616 drop was referencing of course the Ant-Man Kang.

So with that and the Council of Kang’s at the end of Quantamania I do wonder what they are going to do. If they are gonna drop and not just recast, this will be the first time a post credit scene didn’t really go anywhere.

I personally would like to see Kang’s story continue. Mostly because I have yet to be convinced that they are this super threat HWR claimed they are. But if we want to just skip to Doom standing over a field of dead Kangs…then I am there for that too.

Have they announced any concrete plans to follow up on the post-credit scene in Immortals? I didn’t get the impression many people were super excited about that one either.

I assume you meant The Eternals

Which credit scene? The one with Blade (that movie has been announced) or the one with Pip and Eternal Eros?

But allow me to rephrase: This will be the first time a post credit scene that a whole phase has been based around won’t really go anywhere.

Oh yeah. I guess that shows how much of an impression it made on me.

Either I guess? Last I heard the Black Knight thing was still a big “maybe.” He was widely expected to appear in Blade but they’ve since denied it.

It led into Loki, so that’s not nothing.

Maybe it would be better for Marvel if they stop trying to connect everything into 30-hour-long-meta-story-arcs anyway. Nothing wrong with taking a step back to make one entertaining story at a time.

Totally true, I was more impressed by just the voice of Blade that I even forgot that whole pcs was focused on something else.

Did it tho? We already knew of all the Kang previous variants from HWR at the end of S1 (which came before Quantumania) and was the fracturing of the time lines by Sylvie that allowed that variant (and the council) to re-exist. I guess it still did lead to Loki if they are gonna just tie it all up.

I retract my initial statement. While I like the multi story connections, real world crap can easily muck it up.

That was the first MCU film I wished was a series. Even with its long ass run time I felt that epic of a multi thousand year story AND that many main characters could have been way better served in at least a 10 episode series.

Agreed. A series would have given everyone a chance to breathe and be fully expressed as characters. They could have gone more into their history on Earth (each episode focusing on a different character with flashbacks in a different time period) and how they meddled in human affairs. It was a story with so much potential that felt like it lost something.

beat me to it :grin: (I guess thats the famous loki-whip…)

they could just change the actor; its the multiverse after all and there is no reason why some variants wouldnt exist which dont look like majors*. anyone noticed the sudden absence of victor timely and no mention of him at all at the very end?

most appreciated was the complete lack of an endfight, but this:


ups, didnt saw your post beforehand, apologies;


we saw the kid Victor and his timeline reset with him not receiving the TVA book


oh, youre right! but…so they pruned the older timely who was still at the tva? seems a bit harsh.

I mean…variants can exist, as long as theyre not in their timeline when it gets reset, right?

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was it a prune or Loki corrected that timeline so VT was never sent on the path of Kanghood? If so, who wrote the TVA manual?

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Loki at the heart of the timeline Yggdrasil made me tear up.


This what the Marvels feels like to me. I hope it grows some legs and does better than its opening weekend, because it’s far from being the worst MCU film. It doesn’t deserve to be its lowest grossing film.