New trailer for Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'


Some assembly required

When will the citizens of the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to realize that Iron Man is the problem, not the solution? It’s not like this is the first time Stark fucked up. For all his “heroism” Tony has yet to face an adversary that wasn’t wholly or partially of his own creation.

Iron Man: “Ten Rings” terrorist group murders people with Stark-designed weaponry. “Iron Monger” Obadiah Stane builds an powered armor suit based on Stark’s design.
Iron Man 2: “Whiplash” villain Ivan Vanko builds a bunch of menacing gadgets based on Stark’s design. At one point Tony Stark actively gives him design tips, which Vanko uses.
The Avengers: Loki’s invasion plot hinges on using Stark’s power source to open the wormhole allowing the alien force to attack New York City.
Iron Man 3: Tony Stark provides the equation allowing the breakthrough which leads to Aldrich Killian’s Extremis project. He also treats Killian poorly, inspiring him to become a villain in the first place and leading to all the other bad stuff that happens in the film.
Avengers Age of Ultron: Stark builds fucking Ultron.

Bonus Stark family fuck-ups:

Captain America: Recovering the Tesseract from the bottom of the ocean? Bad idea.
Captain America the Winter Soldier: Stark’s dad cofounded SHIELD, which was ultimately revealed to be the cover allowing HYDRA to flourish in secret. Also, Tony helped design those fancy new flying genocide machines.

Tony Stark might as well just send a dinner invitation to Galactus for all the good he’s done for society.


If you feel that way about Tony Stark now, wait until the Civil War movie.

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And you should see how he paved the road to hell.

Okay, call me ignorant: who appears at the end of the trailer? I have no idea.

I believe that it’s supposed to be Vision

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Yeah, definitely a “Whoa! What?” moment.

While I’m probably getting overly paranoid fanboy with my interpretation, I feel like it is important that the star on Capt. America’s shield is pointing down on his poster. Civil unrest in the future.

I think I spotted another hero at 1:08


and with all that drinking…let’s just say he’s a lousy date…

thanks for the free image stabilization, youtube. : ]

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To be fair that was not YouTube as much as the person that uploaded it but yeah, what he said.

If you’re watching Agent Carter (and if not, why not?), you’ll feel the same about his dad Howard, many of whose inventions were a terrible idea to begin with.

The antidote

The only other franchise I can think of where “oh no, the threat originated from our own ranks!” is used this often is the Mission: Impossible movies. As far as I can tell the only reason for the IMF to exist is to hunt down rouge IMF agents.

On the other hand, I guess it isn’t too far off of how U.S. defense policy works. (“Oh no! Now we have to fight those Taliban guys who we armed and trained to fight the Russians! Oh no, now we have to fight the corrupt warlords we armed and trained to fight the Taliban!” etc.)


:: looks at poster ::

Ummm, guys? Behind you?

Isn’t that also Vision on the poster, kinda-silhouetted in front of the lens flare? Looks like his colour scheme and cape/boots combo.

I spotted that before watching the trailer, so I was expecting him to show up somewhere.

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