Captain Marvel storms to $455m opening weekend


Flerken, very dangerous.


I know a guy that can get you at least 50K credits for one of those things. Gotta be careful if they are pregnant as they can lay at least 100 eggs.


“Cat staring films” are really a genre best suited for YouTube.


I haven’t seen this yet. Is the story good? I didn’t end up seeing Wonder Woman in theaters since it got not the best reviews. (It’s on my “to grab a bluray” list though


Beyond showing that the so-called boycott was nothing this once again shows that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter was wrong about female superheroes. It was Perlmutter who was apparently behind there being very little to no Black Widow or Gamora merchandise. Perlmutter apparently pushed back on Marvel Studios making a Black Panther or Captain Marvel movie. There were reports about how Perlmutter claimed that he wasn’t sexist or racist but that he didn’t believe Marvel could be successful without white male leads.

It was in 2015 that Kevin Feige managed to get Marvel Studios away from Perlmutter and he started to report directly to Walt Disney Studios Chairman, Alan Horn. Perlmutter hasn’t been involved with Marvel Studios since then and Kevin Feige got a Black Panther and Captain Marvel movie made and now both have been proven to be hugely successful.

Now hopefully this will clear the way for a Ms. Marvel movie with Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim superhero to headline their own series.


Yeah - you don’t need much backstory beyond, “it’s Samuel L Jackson”.


The thing about this to me was any “tension” felt completely one sided. He was throwing out innuendo left and right and I don’t recall her ever reciprocating.

A welcome example of a film that passes the Bechdel Test while being immediately accessible to most.


I do understand how it works. You might not get invited back to an advanced screening if you give honest criticism.
So no problem in your mind “looking the other way” when scoring a movie? But there is no problem with critic scores? Guess I can’t argue with logic like that.

Saying you don’t want to see something is not a review. I’m not saying the movie sucks, I’m saying I don’t have any interest in it. Won’t bore you with any more facts but I can link multiple You Tubers reading the comments left. Most simply stated no interest in the character.
They asked and did not like the answer.

So every media outlet jumps on the “negative review brigade” and negative spamming, when its almost double the other direction and my point is just moot?

Rotten Tomatoes is owned by the ticket-sale site Fandango , of which Warner Bros. owns 30 percent and Comcast Universal owns 70 percent.
Just trying to show why he might want to protect a Marvel movie. And this movie was protected.

So I state again, there is a problem with critics. Just because you don’t agree that not giving an honest review is a problem, does not mean it’s not a problem.


It was pretty good. Fairly charming, funny and a lot of fun. The opening and most of the space stuff drags a bit and feels sort of perfunctory, in part because much of that seems to coast on stuff established by Guardians. It’s hardly the best Marvel movie. But I’d put it about the level of the first two Avengers movies, Guardians 2, and it especially reminds me of Ant Man and The Wasp. It was well worth seeing in the theater.

The bulk of the film is surprisingly low key, and a lot of fun. Could probably best be described as a road trip movie. The more I mull it over the more my favorite thing about it is how relentless positive it is. It’s the sort of movie where the surprises come from people being generally better than you expect. Probably why it reminds me so much of Ant Man.

He runs the TV end of things. Which should explain a bit. The announcements for the series for Disney Plus would seem to indicate his influence there is fading. I don’t see Fiege handing Loki and other major MCU characters back to Perlmutter


Because Wonder Woman was sure targeted Right?


So we’re not using Alita Battle Angel anymore?

DC has been the alt right/entitled fans answer to Marvel and its “social justice warriors” for so long that there’s still a conspiracy theory out there claiming that they inflate Marvel’s scores on Rotten Tomatoes and lower DC’s. For reasons. Whoever they are. Despite Warner Brothers owning the controlling share of Rotten Tomatoes…

And the tendency to bring up Wonder Woman, Alita and make sure to mention Ripley and Sarah Connor while using the phrase “strong female characters” is a routine tactic for (lamely) trying to hide the misogynistic trolling by layering a bunch of awkward, supposedly reasonable and liberal language over the bullshit.

As is starting with the false premise of “I’m totally with you but what I don’t like is that any criticism of X movie now gets you attacked as a blah blah blah”.

It’s just trolls trying to make their trolling less obvious. Basically " how do you do fellow teens?!".

Also. Yes Wonder Woman got attacked. To the point where one of those Pizza Gate knobs filed multiple fucking lawsuits.


This is some honest to god gamergate bullshit. This just doesn’t happen. Disney tried to blacklist the LA Times, over unrelated coverage and not review scores, and it blew up in their face.


When it comes to weird sexists who clearly need to get a life, I’m all for pissing in their eye. But I’m not sure I care to celebrate that anti-union Soulless MegaCorp #4 is making millions of dollars.


What about the movie, then?


That’s what Dany Roth was talking about in his podcast.


Link seems to come from a source riddled with conspiracy thinking as well as being run by someone who didn’t like a Star Wars movie.

I’m not sure you know how any of this works.

(I get not liking a Star Wars movie or three, but to make that the whole reason to make a twitter account seems unreasonable. Also it hated a good Star War. Not a good look.)


Here then the whole podcast:
enjoy :slight_smile:


Comic fans (myself included) really don’t care for the character. It’s had 5 reboots in comics. You can still read them all because they are still on the shelf. We don’t except a character and oh my god we hate women? And now she is the most powerful blah blah blah
I would love to see a Black Widow movie. Scarlet Witch. (Yeah and I liked all those movies you listed)
But somehow I have a secret agenda against women?
(missed that WW stuff by the way) my point was fans on RT were on board for this. I hated Batman Vs Superman so I hate men? Because it stars a woman and I don’t care for the character it’s because of “Ew women and minorities?”
I never even gave my opinion on the movie. I was arguing that there was a problem with the movie critics. I was arguing that a want to see button is not a review. I was pointing out you cant find a single article pointing out the number of fake positive review bombs, but boy there is a lot of stories on toxic trolls review bombing when its double the other direction.


Yeah, ok, I gotta be honest here, your position seems rooted in something really trivial, and I don’t actually care enough to listen to a whole podcast hosted by the Syfy channel (despite its status as a bastion of objectivity and Sharknado movies).

Anyway, it’s cute that these folk think that pawing an algorithm is going to change anyone’s behavior, but, like most everything else they do, the effort is wasted.


Bullshit. I’m a comics fan. Most of the people in this thread are comics fans. And we all seem to like the character just fine. And in particular Marvel made a concerted effort to forefront the Character starting in the 00’s. Apparently its been one of their bigger successes since, and among a lot of younger and female comics readers the character has been a fan favorite going on 15 years, which seems to bother certain people quite a bit.

Before that the character had a big burst of popularity among Avengers and X-Men readers when Chris Clairmont was using her back in the 80’s. And you’ll still see an awful lot of those fans hanging around and excited about this movie. Every comics character has had at least 5 reboots in the comics.

You can take the gate keeping bullshit elsewhere. And you really should give up on the stock responses, I think I’ve seen this one 8 times today. At least.

This is another out of a script line from the trolls.

And you’ll notice I didn’t even address or comment on what you thought about this particular movie. Or address you at all. You started flinging around poorly conceived claims that issues of access journalism (which you don’t seem to understand) are to blame for the disparity between critic scores and user scores on these sites. When again people and groups are openly coordinating these attacks and taking credit for them.

Then you started chasing me around with these pre-scripted responses that come from these self same coordinated trolling campaigns.