Captain Marvel storms to $455m opening weekend


Weirdly, there’s very few men out there who fantasize about a beautiful woman piloting a fighter jet.

(Anecdotally, friend of a friend was one such a lady–had a lot of problems getting first date, let alone a second.)


Legends never die.


Did she promise a golden lasso? I understand there’s quite a demand for that roleplay…


Never understood that. Carol Danvers (as portrayed) is definitely all kinds of awesome.


All kinds of men have been raised to feel threatened by competent, strong women. That’s their problem not the women’s. Personally competent and strong works plenty fine for me. :slight_smile:



no, you shouldnt (thats of course just my opinion). CaptainMarvel is a nice action-piece with characters well definend and with substance. Liked it pretty much. Alita on the other hand is just…just…an overblown cliched, headache provoking, extremly messy and far too violent for any meanigful message which may be burried under tons of stupid dialouge and very cynic and bad jokes. has NOTHING to do with feminism. its just awful. I hated it.


I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But I watched the source material back in the day, and again just recently. Pretty wild. Supposedly the new one hews pretty close to the animated version, so I wonder how bad could it be?

Did you see the anime, and if so did you feel the same about it?


Wonder Woman never really had an invisible jet. She just mimed having one so no one would realize “flight” was one of her superpowers.


saw the anime years ago and for refreshing right after the live-action again. as an anime, not my cup of tea.


About as fair as assessment as one could ask for, in relation to your scathing live action film review. Thanks!


Part of it is being threatened/scared, sure, but another big part is feeling inadequate in comparison, or that she’s way beyond your league.

Anyway, I’m very pleased Captain Marvel is doing well, and I intend to see both this movie and Alita as soon as I have the time. :slight_smile:


haha, yes, totaly; my feeling was the filmmakers/authors werent going all the way…


If you haven’t’ yet, you should check out Into the Spiderverse. It’s the best superhero movie in years, with the caveat that I haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet.


Faithful to which origin though? They’ve changed it at least twice, and the basic “alien device explodes” part remains. Not worth worrying about them changing things that don’t stay the same in the source material.


So your statement is incorrect. I have followed this story for some time.

First off, there is a problem with the critics scores.
This Editor Dany Roth admits to playing “softball” with scores. I would say that yes that is a problem with Critic scores.
Second, no one was EVER able to review a movie before it was released. (except for critics who play softball) There was a poll button that asked if you were interested in seeing a movie. When Captain Marvel reached a "not interested rate of 31% they pulled all scores and changed a feature that has been since the beginning.It was a simple opinion, not a “review” bomb.
Fun fact: The head of Fandango, who owns Rotten Tomatoes, Paul Yanover, worked for Disney for a decade.

No news story I have read talks about the “positive” cut and paste same review. The story is the same over and over. Trolls and bots. how about this? Notice something? 21k 10’s, 12k 1’s. See a trend? I guess therre is review bombing going on. Just not in the way it is being talked about.


I don’t think you understand how film criticism works. You don’t get to go to an advance screening by promising a good review. You get to go to advance screenings by working for a major outlet or by picking up free tickets (these free tickets fill out the audience).

The only way Rotten Tomatoes can play “softball” with scores is by deciding a middling review is positive. Many critics have complained that their positive reviews are seen as negative by the site. If anything this is probably a wash.

Users absolutely could review movies before they were released. They could indicate whether or not they wanted to see said movie and they could add a comment to it. In the binary fresh/rotten world of Rotten Tomatoes this is a review. They changed the rules because this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Fun fact: From 2011 to 2016 Warner Brothers owned Rotten Tomatoes. They still hold a minority share.

The only trend I see in that IMDB link is that there are more 7s and 8s than 1s and 10s. Guess what? That really just leads me to believe that there are too many 1s.


No the real scandal is that professional review scores may be inflated or deflated by half a point.

Not that politically affiliated online groups are openly admitting to, and bragging about, large scale online spam intended to minimize the scores for very particular movies as part of a broader (also open and bragged about) attempt to suppress the creation of and profitability of media they disagree with. On grounds of “EW women and minorities”.

What are you crazy.

Its about ethics in something something.


There is a cat in the movie. Who wants to watch that?


We can’t go making action blockbusters staring cats!

No cat staring film has ever made more than like $12 dollars. America just isn’t interested in cats in lead rolls.


Need more cats.

Not a cat but to say anything more would be a spoiler.