Captain Marvel storms to $455m opening weekend


AH! I misread that. Very true then it definitely is faithful to that.

Edit: @oldsma Actually the MCU has been incredibly good about NOT doing that very thing. Part of why their stories have been so good is that they have stuck to the traditional origins and heart of the characters they put on screen.


If we don’t see Monica Rambeau as Photon soon, I will be very put out. They set it up in “CM” and with all the Infinity Stones that are going to be tossed around in the next movie, we ought to be getting new supers.


This movie hit all the notes that Wonder Woman missed for me.
None of the women were wearing skimpy clothing. She didn’t always know what was going on, but she wasn’t a bimbo about it. The dialog was witty and buddy-like without ham fisted innuendos. These things disappointed me with Wonder Woman, but were done right with Captain Marvel.
I very much enjoyed it.


I enjoyed it as much as I did Black Panther. Engaging story, wry humor, some clever action scenes etc. It was money well spent for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Maybe I need to re-watch it, but I didn’t take that away from WW at all – a film I also thoroughly enjoyed.


I think the MCU has been making a lot of good calls on simplifying origin stories to throw out a lot of the unnecessarily complicated backstory that built up over decades of the comics.

For example, some people were initially cranky that the MCU version of Nick Fury wasn’t a white WWII veteran whose aging had been artificially slowed since the 1940s with the Infinity Formula serum. To which I say: so what? The Samuel L. Jackson version is not only better, it takes less time to explain.


I am so very proud of the people who worked on this, and the effort they put into marketing it.

Particular shout out to Gemma Chan, who is desperate to have my contact details. If anyone bumps into her, please let her know she can contact me here. Thanks!

Joking aside, she’s a fantastic ambassador for inclusion, driving forward and elegantly opening difficult situations with panache.


Took our kiddo on Friday night and LOVED it. Carol’s a big hit with the elementary school set!


DING DING DING. So much agreement. I also love the change they made to the Skrulls. It immediately cancelled out all sorts of annoying fan speculation and theories around how they fit into the MCU. SO MUCH BETTER to neuter it entirely.

I am actually arguing with my best bud…he’s miffed about how they explained Fury’s eye. As well as why Fury was seemingly so happy go lucky in 1995 but now is so gruff and distrusting in the 2000’s. My response was “dude…first it is Captain Marvel’s movie…it’s not a Nick Fury movie! second…who the hell cares about those details…why is that the hill you want to die on?!?”


I suspect it matters in the sense that the coverage of said review-bombing etc. brought in boatloads of free publicity. But eh, who can say?


I watched a couple of clickbaity top ten RT films with the greatest difference between critic and review (I think there was one video for each direction). They tended to be populated by critically panned films that people thought were fun (guilty pleasure) and examples of cinema that failed to connect with mere mortals. The difference can be a useful metric however it is probably not worth it given the issues.

I need to find time to go see it. A few years ago I subscribed to the marvel service that gives you access to the archives of stuff more than 6 months old. Captain Marvel was one of the characters I really enjoyed finding.


Is it Wonder Woman good, or Black Panther good? Wonder Woman, I thought was good for a superhero movie, but Black Panther was just a fantastic movie all around. Basically, is it worth seeing if you don’t really like superhero movies?


I think somewhere in between. I liked it better than WW but Black Panther is, in many ways, in a league of it’s own.


I also loved that there were no romantic angles in the movie. Not even some playful flirting. Not that I have a problem with any of that, but men star in action flicks all the time without any romance. It’s refreshing to see a woman lead a movie that has zero romance in it. I’m not sure exactly how rare that is, but I’d guess it’s close to zero.


Which have also been subject to review bombing and manipulation. RT has been getting the headlines but The Last Jedi, Ghostbusters, Solo, Black Panther and others have also seen this shit on the other sites. As have a bunch of video games. Basically anything with user reviews. The groups responsible do seem to be most focused on Rotten Tomatoes and seem to have the most success on that site. And not just for the review bombs either, if you’ve ever gotten in an internet circle jerk with these guys they’re pretty fixated on the Tomatometer scores of their preferred manly man media.

It’s not like RTs user scores are generally inaccurate, it’s a targeted campaign to lower the scores of particular movies and games. So cross checking doesn’t neccisarily tell you much if the score has been supressed everywhere.

There’s an awful lot of “now she will runway walk into combat” moments in that shit.

I suspect those sorts of issues are more down to a rushed/bad script and pressing Patty Jenkins into conforming to the Sniderverse. So I’m expecting the next one to be considerably better.

I think a lot of the Wonder Woman is great line comes in comparison to the other DC movies. It’s significantly better than its surrounds and it’s fun (which is probably the most important thing). But it kind of tops out at good superhero movie from the mid 00’s. But a lot of these origin movies often fall into that.


I agree wholeheartedly. I totally picked up a creepy sexual tension thing with Jude Law, but it was nice to see a woman lead as a person and not a sexual object.


I feel like there was just a touch between Fury and Rambeau. Maybe that’s the fan boy in me wanting to see the line about his wife from the Winter Soldier now turning out to be it’s her.


I honestly got the most romantic tension between Carol and Maria. Given the more obtuse than usual marketing, and the comments by a Marvel exec just days before the opening about the audience being ready for a gay hero in the MCU, I was sort of expecting some smooches by about halfway through the movie.


I think we’re so accustomed to seeing a touch of romance in all films (even most male action films have some), that we’re seeing some where there isn’t. Kinda like how some people see Jesus in burnt toast.


Of the sources I mentioned, only RT and Metacritic’s audience scores have experienced notable deleterious effects of review bombing and manipulation. IMDB’s score stands at 7.1/10 after over 100K votes, and Letterboxd has it at 3.6/5 after 40K ratings. Both are primarily audience-driven, so the score isn’t being suppressed everywhere.

Thus cross-checking, with the originally-mentioned foreknowledge of where the damage is being done, is still a viable strategy with the right sources.


And for black panther

BBS was just embedding the image and not linking through.

Similar things have happened in the past but Google results are crowded with the coverage of CM since it just came out. IMDB and other sites see less of it, and Rotten Tomatoes has been slower to respond than most other venues. But I’ve seen reports about nearly anything with user reviews. Including attempts to game Amazon reviews for home/digital releases.

The current 7.1 on IMDB is after genuine viewers start to crowd out the review bombers and the site itself responds. The bombed ratings tend to shift upward as more genuine reviewers see the movie, but there’s evidence they never normalize. So 7.1 is likely to be lower than the actual public reactions.