Captain Marvel storms to $455m opening weekend


Right that’s how I feel about it.

But I dunno if the script was rushed like the other DC flicks, or if they just hired a hack. But that script was a problem apart from studio dictates. Big chunk of it was a luke warm rip off of the first Captain America. And there’s a bit in the middle where the 3 support character straight up take turns looking at the camera and explaining their backstory, motivations and feelings.

It was absolutely bizarre.

Completely different script credits for the next one, including Jenkins herself. So a bit of the problem might have been that she walked into a preset production to act as a technician. It’s not totally clear to me how much influence she really had on preproduction.

It was well shot, well edited, and generally well constructed. And the performances were all pretty great, especially given the material. Even Gadot who isn’t the strongest actress. All of which points to a director that’s engaged and talented enough to do much better given the opportunity. So I think this next one could be genuinely good.

I still haven’t really seen anything from DC to make me pay attention. I’m cautiously optimistic about this next Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. DC’s whole thing is all jacked up but I really like Gunn’s work.


To your buddy’s points about Fury. I just watched Iron Man 2 and Avengers (the original) with my daughter and the scar under the patch is CLEARLY a claw scratch.

And as far as him being cynical 20 (okay 17) years after Carol leave’s Earth–who isn’t more cynical since then? :smiley:

Seriously though, Fury has seen some shit since then, I’m sure.


Serious question: am I going to need to have seen all of the marvel movies in order to get this one if we go see it?

Because they make a new Marvel movie every 12 minutes, I’m more than a little bit behind. I think I have seen a minority of the Avengers movies and both Galaxy movies.


Captain Marvel titles have outsold comics featuring other Marvel characters like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man in recent years even though those characters have had the advantage of starring in blockbuster films introducing them to mainstream audiences. By any reasonable measure she’s an established and well-received character.


On YouTube, I came across a video discussing if Captain Marvel is really a hero. Hmm, time to figure out if this is a channel to block.

Arguments seem based on the comics. It’s not a straight “girl super heroes are icky” piece trashing the movie.

Checking their other videos. Oh, odd! Quite a number of comics-related stuff but also a whole bunch of libertarian preaching.

Channel “Foundation for Economic Education”? What the what…?

I decide to throw them in my bin for organizations to watch, but they’re already there.

So, lots of FREE CANDY comics and movie stuff to attract people, and then they go PragerUBear on them.


Earlier, I said I didn’t care enough to listen to a podcast supporting a mostly tepid talking point another poster was making. And I still don’t!

But you posted this, and now I need to know how it’s even possible to wring 13 or so minutes out of that question. Back in a few.

ETA: I’m only 3.5 minutes in, and this kid’s voice is the most stupefyingly sleep-inducing thing I’ve ever heard.


I wouldn’t think so. It’s set in a time period predating all MCU films except Captain America: The First Avenger. But Captain Marvel will be in Avengers: Endgame, which you’ll probably need to see Avengers: Infinity War to make sense. Infinity War definitely builds off the plots of all the other MCU movies.

I’d just go see Captain Marvel and if you like it enough that you want to see Infinity War and Endgame, here’s a summary of all 18 other MCU movies before Infinity War in 15 minutes.

That said, Infinity War was IMHO a low point in the franchise. Personally if I were in your shoes I’d see Captain Marvel and then move on to the Thor and Captain America movies since you’ve already seen the Guardians movies (which were the high-water mark IMHO).

If you think you’re likely to see any of those, I would avoid this summary video, as it will spoil all of their plots.

Warning: massive spoilers ahead…


If you’ve seen the Guardians films you should be fine. As what’s a little too reliant on the series comes from there. Some bits might be a little under explained otherwise

After that First 2 Captain Americas and the most recent Avengers would be the only ones with direct connections. Neither should really be necessary to enjoy or understand what’s going on.


I’d add Civil War as well just so when you do get to IW you know why Tony and Steve are not best buds anymore.


Keeping banging the due process drum. Really? I missed the part in the movies where an arrest warrant for someone like Thanos or other baddies was issued.


Ok, I made it all the way to 10:31. I’m done.

Yeah, ok, so maybe he’s not wrong, but making super heros in comics seem really boring for the sake of due process seems like shoehorning a dictionary into a loafer with a car tire.

And then he shows a photo of James Damore and—I assume—natters on about how SJWs on social media are just like cops that kill black people. Or Marvel? Like I said, I could not finish the video.


The answer is no. Nothing shown in Captain Marvel requires knowledge from any other movie. This works just fine on it’s own.

If you have not seen some of the others, then you may miss out on knowing who some characters are prior to them showing up in this or certain inside jokes or comments. But that’s about it. It doesn’t mean you will be lost in any way shape or form.

If you have not seen Infinity War, then the first end credit scene will make little sense.


I’d have figured that from the Avengers movie. (That said, I did see Civil War movie. I should have skipped it.)

So I gather I’m otherwise good to go!

Except for this buuuut I felt that way about the end credits scene in the first Avengers title, so I’m probably still good.


Here is a simple example…there is a charcter in this movie who is a Kree named Ronan the Accuser. He is the big bad from Guardians of the Galaxy 1. Do you need to see him there to understand him in Captain Marvel? nope…they say his name. They tell you who he is and what he does.

There is quite literally no part of the main film that requires any back story whatsoever. Its almost like this is MCU movie 1 in a brand new phase of films.


I haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet (we’re going to try to make it this weekend), but that’s the sense I got from the publicity. After @coherent_light’s question got me thinking, I’m wondering if Disney/Marvel is hoping to attract moviegoers who are a little daunted by the backstory complexity of the MCU. That’s something I totally identify with BTW. One reason I never really got started on mainstream comics was because the backstory complexity is at least an order of magnitude more intimidating than the MCU’s is.


I think that is part of it…but understand I don’t think it has anything to do with Disney. Marvel has had a plan all along and Disney is very smartly standing back and saying “You do you boo!”

I think CM is purposefully mean to be a bridge film into the next phase.


That’s good, but I’d hope it would be a given if this film is supposed to be a prequel to all the other Marvel films except Captain America.


It’s not so much a prequel in the way we tend to think about it. It just takes place before. Some of the setting takes place during thing referenced vaguely in backstory from the Guardians films. And it’s got a couple of “so that’s where he got that idea” things. It fills in an unimportant gap in the chain of custody for one of the infinity stones, that internet seemed a bit obsessed with.

Other than that it pretty much stands on it’s own. It’s very much not a find out how it all started, where did Boba Fett get his pants kind of thing.


The video actually has a bit of a point. Now first of all, Captain Marvel is very certainly a hero. The title itself is very clickbaity. There are plenty of comics out there where she is very heroic.

That said, a lot of fans were really upset with the way Marvel Comics handled her character in Civil War 2 series. Marvel Comics did a big event series in 2006 called Civil War where all the heroes were fighting against each other over a registration system. With Marvel Studios coming out with a Civil War movie in 2016, the comics division figures it was time for a sequel. Instead of Captain America and Iron Man leading the two sides, this time Marvel went with Captain Marvel vs Iron Man.

Many felt that Marvel Comics made major changes to Captain Marvel’s character in order to fit into this big event comic. That what she was doing in this event series really betrayed her character.

I was talking about this issue earlier in this thread as the Captain Marvel comic suffered in sales after Civil War 2, as fans were turned off what Marvel did.

Perhaps with this new movie and new attention to the character, they can turn things around with some new interesting stories. Or retcon some explanation why she was so out of character in Civil War 2.


I saw it with zero knowledge of the anime or manga along with friends who are huge fans of the source material. To me, Alita came off as pretty ridiculous with some truly silly dialogue; my friends adored it because it was so authentic to the source material that large stretches were pretty much frame-for-frame identical. So take that for what you will :slight_smile:

Now, Captain Marvel – I thought Brie Larson was refreshingly bright and tough, Sam Jackson was as great as he always is, and it was overall lots of fun to watch. I will say that it felt rather like an expository chapter of Marvel film – a necessary intro to an important character and info-dump on the history of Skrulls and Kree, which I’m guessing will be important in future films as they go beyond Earth stuff more and more.