Capybaras enjoy hot springs


It just hit me why the Japanese (and I) are so fond of capybaras: they look like quadrupedal Moomins!


Need a bigger tub.



Seeing them all methodically file into the pool seemed like a scene right out of The Dark Crystal.


I always thought of them as Mega-Guinea Pigs.


They actually look like my father in law…

I think “Contented as a capybara” is a phrase we should use.

Your favourite animal, you say? Well, too bad you missed your chance to adopt one off Craigslist in Portland.

He would also do best with an all-male household or a home with which any females are no longer capable of menstruating so as to reduce the likelihood of Ben marking his territory indoors. But we will come back to that. . .

I considered rehoming Ben when he was young as he had a bad habit of rooting for milk from where he thought I should have nipples. Which young capybaras evidently think nipples should dangle from between ones legs. This went on for 10 weeks and thanks to an athletic cup, Ben and I both survived with only two trips to the emergency room for me. Capybaras evidently are only aggressive when it comes to eating and mating. But we will come back to that in a moment. . .

Do not whistle. Whistles are how females let the males know they are ready for mating and did I mention that Capybaras are capable of running as fast as a horse? Take it from me when I say the last thing you want is a 150 lb, sexually aroused rodent galloping at you at 30 mph. I wish someone would have warned me. I ended up with two broken ribs, and abrasions all over my body from his clumsy mating attempts. Seriously. DO NOT WHISTLE.

Come to think of it, he might still be available.


If that were a computer game, he’d make a great end of level boss for the guinea piggy level :slight_smile:


Sandy Ben probably just just had anger issues because he didn’t have a hot tub to relax him.

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This is possibly the Most Wonderful Thing

Those are the things that suck the blood out of goats, right?


I have it on good authority Miyazaki invented capys.

My favourite childhood book was Capyboppy.

(I found that picture reproduced on the website Michael SPORN

The plural noun for Capybara should absolutely be a Contentedness of Capybara


I think what I love the most about these magnificent beasts is that they look like they literally don’t give a fuck.

They are the most unimpressed looking creatures in the animal kingdom.


Capybaras are the squarest of all mammals.

They give slightly less of a fuck than honey badger.

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