Video of a capybara with ducklings on its back


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I always assumed that capybara are the primary mode of transportation in the jungle.



When dealing with difficult jungle terrain you’d be foolish to go with anything less than a heavy expanded mobility amphibious guinea pig, no? The light duty ones are ok for more modest requirements; but just don’t cut it for off-road work.


clicks link

looks amused at pictures

They really are that chill, aren’t they?


They’re like the Catbus of South America (except not hollow, Thank God)


Thank god someone posted this… I needed it today.


Unless it is a unruly male, then get the f :cat:ck out of the way.
Capybara Aggression « Capybara Madness


Vet: Well Tick, your dog Speak is not really a dog. He is a capybara.

Tick: He’s a rodent!!!??!!??

Vet: World’s largest.


And now I want a capybara.


Just now? You didn’t want one instantly when you first saw one? Is your heart made of stone or something? Maybe you need to listen to more Shonen Knife:


This is true for all people, really.


The world would probably be a nicer place if we all listened to more Shonen Knife.


Amazon recommended this when i was looking something else up and the below after i clicked on the above link:


In olden tymes knights errant would ride such mighty beastes into glorious battle.



Damn it, I made this before reading the whole thread:


I for one welcome our



I like the bit where it very slowly rolls to one side, like “and now… sitting on me is finished”


Still totally worth it, though.


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