Adorable tiny baby ducklings love taking a bath with patient capybara


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the capybara is a baby too!


Are we sure that it isn’t a Dire Guinea Pig? Those look very similar.


Pretty sure the Dire Guineas died out at the end of the last Ice Age.


Capybara? Have we used up all the animals yet, or are there a few species of beetles that haven’t graced this site?


I keep getting capybaras mixed up with chupacabras.


I’ll be your pets come out looking pretty weird


They dried that duckling off with a hair dryer?!?


you sure thats a capybara? looks like an island to me


No capybara is an island.


You beat me to it!


Just curious, is is possible to breed(probably with artificial insemination for safety) guinea pigs with capybarra or would they make a sterile hybrid?
It would not be as bad as trying a hybrid of an elephant and rock hyrax.


It was a classic alley-oop. :smile:


Stoic Capybara is Stoic.


Did you know there is a whole Tumblr for animals sitting on capybaras?

Now you do!


Chilling. Capybaras can skeletonize a duckling in under 10 minutes!


Who the heck collects capybaras and ducks? How did the ducks get up there? Makes me glad I have arms.


I know, right? I keep getting chupacarbra mixed up with Deepak Chopra.


…but, in a bathtub he can be a whole continent.


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