Photographic proof that the capybara is the best animal


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Oh, @japhroaig, paging @japhroaig! Capybara on aisle @frauenfelder


Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! You missed one of the best sources of capybara joy -

Plz add!





Of course I do! Why do you think I paged you?


I’m still trying to level-up from “hamster.”


This is how I feelz:


Who just happens to have a capybara an ducklings in their home? That like to take baths together? How can I visit this person?


Little known fact: Capybaras are very talented impersonators:


Trivia: In Venezuela where they are native we call them Chiguire (Chee-gooey-reh. Almost no pronunciation on the R). I prefer the spanish name, just saying it amuses me :smiley:


I like the “snarling capybara” best.


This photo of a bulmastiff and chihuahua is somewhat related.


I remember staying in Belize for a short while…and the locals found these things to be a delicacy.

Not as tasty as I would have hoped.


And now for a musical tribute to the capybara…


How did I not know about this?!?


As much as I am meh about Nirvana I will always be happy they brought this band to the attention of the world. I feel a bit like what Kurt Cobain said about then when I see them live…
“I turned into a nine-year old girl at a Beatles concert.”



oo - had not seen this one before


Seeing as you like Shonen Knife - are you familiar with The Raincoats? I love their music.

I never heard about them back in their own day - I learned about them from my daughter, who learned about them because Kurt Cobain said their music was one of the few things that could make him happy when he was depressed (and he twisted David Geffen’s arm to get their music back in print.)


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