Cards Against Humanity & Zack Weinersmith offer full-ride scholarships to women in science

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Sweet. Hope he is doing it in 11 year for my kid. Assuming she goes into sciences…

And own a time machine.


I think they just need an editor in this case. Good thing Cory just writes for fun and not a profes… oh wait… ;o) I keed I keed.

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I dunno guys. Cards Against Humanity is pretty evil. What are the chances it’s all some demented practical joke?

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  • Applicants must promise to build a World-Bomb within 4 years of receiving scholarship.

Full ride is pretty sweet; I just forwarded the link to my linear algebra class.

Is the CaH guy trying to atone for his previous bad press regarding female college students, or am I being too cynical?

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It seems kind of weird that Science is still part of the women in STEM movement. I’m in tech and my wife is a biochemist, and her experience has been overwhelmingly female during her entire education and career in the northwest. Although I agree that the rest aren’t much. Tech is still largely male, and I don’t know enough about engineering or maths to comment on those.

Either way, good on CaH and Zach, this is good stuff.

I know women scientists who have said that while they do well in school, there’s a really rocky transition to success as a professional. I had a pretty sad talk with a PhD in Chemistry who was working in Marketing at my office about all of this.

According to my wife at least (and again, I couldn’t find stats on this) - academia seems to be still very male-centric but private industry is becoming significantly female. That being said, success is not easy for a lot of working scientists as there aren’t a ton of high value jobs out there for the majority. My wife has a masters degree and went to a prestigious undergrad, with almost nine years of work experience and she makes what I made as an entry level contract hire in Tech. Lots of tiny companies without tons of funding, and the big companies are not exactly gangbusters on hiring either at least in WA.

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