Carjacker too tall to fit in car

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Sounds like the thief was high.


You do have to wonder at the thought process of someone who concluded stealing a Suzuki Liana was worth the risk.

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I had a 6’9" roommate once who drove a Geo Metro.

He took out the front seat and drove from the back. Pedestrians must have thought it was strange to see a car with no driver though.

Dang, that’s funny!

I got motorcycle “jacked” at gunpoint last week. I argued/asked the thief not to take the bike a few times and then put the kickstand down with the bike in gear, and got off the bike and walked away. I have to add that staring down the barrel of a pistol aimed maliciously is an unpleasant experience in the extreme.

The thief failed to register (happily) that this bike has a neutral/kickstand cut-off switch such that if the bike is in gear, OR, if the kickstand is down, the starter won’t turn, regardless of how often you swear or push the start button.

I’d like to get the recording of my police call because I’m sure it features background noise of the bike’s horn being honked repeatedly, as well as the thief yelling to me, “How do you start this bike?” as though I’d provide an answer. The jackass eventually got a friend to help him begin pushing the bike away, with the end result being that my yelling and their laziness led them to abandon the effort, after which I retrieved the bike and, quite literally, hauled ass.

All told, an experience I hope to never have again.


You don’t steal cars for the value of the car. You steal them for the value of the parts. A former neighbor of mine had her 10 year old Chevy Nothingburger stolen while my stepson’s Mercedes has never even been broken into (even in downtown Detroit at night). Somewhat older mass market cars are more likely to be stolen because other owners need the parts.

I feel his pain. I went on a weekend trip with a friend once in her Honda Civic Sport and if it hadn’t been for the sunroof that would have been one miserable trip. Well, that plus the lack of rain.

I had a large friend that… And this was Sooo not legal… Install a Lay-Z-boy as the drivers seat in a vw bug.


Kudos for your level-headedness. Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement?

Very kind of you, and hell no. I don’t trust myself to make those kinds of situational judgements on the fly and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I made the wrong call and someone got a .40 caliber hole punched through their chest.

In a similar vein, friends have told me to get a concealed carry license, ostensibly to prevent (?) this situation from happening again. I’m a crazy good shot, pistol or rifle, and replaying the robbery in my head I think the only end result would’ve been that I would’ve shot a 14-17 year old kid to death over a motorcycle, as opposed to me choosing my routes a little more carefully and a kid who is both still alive and maybe a little embarrassed that he couldn’t start a (THE Venerable) KLR650 motorcycle.

I sympathize with cops–they’ve got a hard job to do–but that’s not even close to a responsibility I’m willing to take on.

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