As man exits truck to assault cyclist, car jacker steals truck and hits person in a wheelchair


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“…The Aristocrats!”


In before the “damn bicyclists” tirade.



I’m trying to picture how this all went down, and am only coming to the conclusion that Santa Monica should probably not be my next vacation destination.


Damn bicyclists, always pushing playing cards on people and setting up elaborate impromptu chains of comedy.


cue Yakety Sax…


This story reads like something out of a Peter Sellers or Guy Ritchie movie.


And the bicyclist rode merrily on his way. It’d make a good bit in a Fawlty Towers episode. John Cleese (Basil Fawlty) could have been the irate Toyota driver who ends up getting a ticket for illegal parking.


Where I live they’d have arrested the bicyclist on principle.

They definitely would not have arrested the guy who assaulted him, and they might or might not have arrested the carjacker. But they’d have gotten the cyclist for sure.


Well? Where? Detroit?


Ok, that’s the setup. Where’s the bar and when do the priest, rabbi and the guy with the duck on his head come into this?

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And the bicyclist rode merrily on his way.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Is it carjacking if the car being jacked is unoccupied?


Damn “In before the “damn bicyclists” tirade” people!


My former home, currently Xenivania. This kinda shit is pretty common and this instance seems to only involve one very sad and injured innocent bystander.


“I meant to do that.”


Surely this man is the Rube Goldberg of truck thieves!


Otherwise known as the Mississippi of Canada.


What, they couldn’t work ‘running over a unicorn’ and ‘setting an orphanage afire’ into the story?