What is going on in this video of a Russian freeway incident?

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Dunno… undercover operation? maybe the bicyclist is a cop and was instructed to pull out in front on the car to get him to stop so the other undercover cops could swoop in…?


Well if nothing, they were efficient & quick about it as not to disturb the traffic flow.


I doubt the cyclist is a cop - police don’t generally like to send their officers into situations so likely to get them randomly run over.

If anything I’d guess the victims were being tailed by the people in the black van (and maybe the white SUV? Though nobody got in or out of that vehicle, so that driver might just have been randomly caught up in the action), who were waiting for a moment to kidnap them. Then the stop to yell at the guy on his bike happened, which the kidnappers seized as their opportunity.

Good point about the one filming - why would they have their camera out? Unless they saw the guy with thes bike two lanes over and thought ‘whoah look at the drunk / idiot there - let’s film this. Oh. Wha? Oh my goodness!’

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How about:

The cyclist vs ballcap goons altercation was just a standard road rage incident. An unmarked military or police (or criminal) convoy got stuck behind it. When one of the ballcap goons went back there to get shirty with them, they just arrested/disappeared everyone.

Not as good as the one Mark posted (which explains the cameraman being unmolested)


Nah. It’s Russia. They have even less respect for life than American cops.

Kidnapping and ransoms aren’t unheard of in Russia. So I think the assumptions are probably on the ball… Maybe not, who knows.

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That was my hunch, too. If you are going to stop a car deliberately, you are going to put another car in front of the car you are stopping so you can execute. Those guys were too well rehearsed to have given the guys an escape route.

The cops (bullies, perhaps, but certainly professionals) didn’t bother with the middle car, they just wanted to f’up the guys in front.


Think how much more exciting that would have been if everybody had guns!


These Deadpool fans forgot to include a dude in a red suit while reenacting the initial freeway scene from the movie.


Pay close attention to white-hat #2, who is the front seat passenger “aka riding shotgun” in the front car. I suspect he was the inside man. He would have “assisted” the driver to pick the best route and probably verbally prompted the driver to get out and give that bicyclist the “what for”, distracting him long enough for the van dudes to make their move.

He retreats from white-hat #1 & bicyclist and does not jump with surprise when 3 guys from van come running up. You see a blur of him moving between vehicles back to the far side of the van and then he enters the van without being forced.


Where does the bicycle go?

And why does one of the white caps get into the back seat of the lead car, peacefully, with one of the armed kidnappers?

Whatever this is, a lot of the people in the video were in on it, including passengers in the lead car.


Oh, thanks. On the third viewing I finally saw the Gorilla! You got me!


Ballcap Goon #2 just kind of disappears. He walks back to the Cayenne on the passenger side just as the Gun Goons are grabbing the other two on the driver side, then you never see him again.

Edit: NVM, kpkpkp already addressed it better than me.

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The bicycle probably disappeared into one of the SUVs along with the cyclist, who’s an accomplice in the most likely scenario of a kidnapping. The white cap who gets into the back seat was probably the inside man who egged on the victim. From the speedy and smooth way things were wrapped up it looks like a well-rehearsed caper predicated on the victim being a hot-headed arsehole.

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I think this is some kind of Russian special police unit making a surprise arrest. There are a lot of similar videos on Youtube.

On the other hand, it could be a kidnapping. On the other other hand, it could be some kind of Russian special police unit kidnapping someone.


I strongly suspect they all do, other than the cyclist. But a handgun isn’t something you’re likely to pull out when you’re already looking down the barrel of a Kalashnikov.

If the kidnappees weren’t armed and dangerous, none of this would be necessary.


This pokemon shit has gotten out of hand.



I don’t think Shotgun Whitecap is a double agent. Look at the video again. Shotgun Whitecap is taken away just as violently as Driver Whitecap and Driver-side/rear goon.

Shotgun whitecap walks back to the passenger side. I’ll agree he doesn’t “jump with surprise” the way Driver Whitecap does: but that’s because he cannot see the commotion. From the video, we’d think Shotgun can see kidnapper #4 emerging from the passenger side of the black van. But he can’t: his view is blocked by the white van. The kidnapper car’s right wheels (left, from our POV) are almost on the white line. Whitecap #2 has no line of sight to the black van due to how the white van is placed:

Then kidnapper #4 from passenger side of black van runs up and apprehends him: you have to look close, but you can see him dragging him (0:31 – look between the gaps of the cars and under the white car). So that all three goons from the first car, the two whitecaps and the driver-side/rear, are now in the kidnappers’ van.

The way these goons were subdued so completely makes me think the kidnappers are FSB thugs.

I’m still unresolved as to who took the video. It seems a far stretch that either kidnappers or FSB would be taping this so leisurely, so close to the action, and that it would be leaked to the internet. I think it’s just a random person taping a bicycle stop/traffic altercation-- that turned into a Russian police takedown; that is, aNormalDayinRussia.


In Soviet Russia, cars jack you.