Cartoonist Chris Onstad is using A.I. to revive his "Achewood" comic strip

Originally published at: Cartoonist Chris Onstad is using A.I. to revive his "Achewood" comic strip | Boing Boing

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Hi Ruben — Thanks so much for the piece! To clarify, the new comics and other material on the Achewood Patreon will NOT be generated by AI. Our entirely separate AI-powered service is an LLM fine-tuned upon all Achewood content, and it generates Achewood-like replies for people to share. There has been conflation of the two in the public discourse; they are entirely separate entities.


I don’t love anything with the words “AI” in it right now, as a writer and a teacher. But I trust that you will find a way to use it for good, rather than evil.

Thank you for your comics. They meant a lot to me. They were a shared vocabulary between me and my weird friends, and to this day I randomly quote them. They reflected the way my brain worked (or, sometimes, refused to work), and it was really important for me to see that. To this day, I call my full-spectrum lamp (which I need in the winter in order to function as a mostly human being) Dave, because everyone has a friend named Dave. (Last winter, my SO said, “Hey, did you plug Dave in yet?” as the days started getting shorter).

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Who cares about AI, as far as I’m concerned, this is the news.

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Are you familiar with Frank?

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Just want to thank you for speaking out against Comic Sans.

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