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Couple drops acid and attempts to assemble Ikea furniture

I kept generating until Finlay got revenge…


And then there were the web crawling robots, reading comics generated by machines, feeding algos with “user” trends. This was helpful to train the holographic clerks who replaced real humans at banks and hotels. These all sit empty of humans now, serving surrogate robots who drive around empty towns on self-driving cars.

It’s been about a century since the last human being walked the Earth, but everything keeps working, automated clerks serving automated clients who were simply not shut off and keep doing their daily programmed chores. A purposeless life, or better, a lifeless purpose.


These are great, I want to claim ownership!


Okay, I’m steamed right now because within ten runs I generated some absolute gems and I left-click saved thinking I’d get the entire comic. NOPE.

Each of these has a permalink. I want a chronological index, dammit.

ETA: Okay, I’ve recreated my three favorites:



FYI, if you save the permalinks, you can quickly work out the codes for each panel, allowing you to create any combination you want.


Might interest you.


Thank you so much! The dog part really caught me.




You’re welcome.
Saw it years ago in an anthology from a second hand book shop.


Best so far:





The Aristocrats! (i.e. made me think of what happens when wealth inequality meets massive automation)

See also http://ageofem.com/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manna_(novel)





I stopped at this point