Couple drops acid and attempts to assemble Ikea furniture

Moralize much???


I come to bOINGbOING ever since I wandered into a Tower Records store in Sacramento way back before Y2K and found this bit of cultural essence

Thirty years later I find myself attracted to the same loveliness that first attracted me to: zines, blogs, missives…

I am fairly toasted right now; look up fermented grapes, cannabis and kartom. Small dosages can get you nicely toasted. I have stepped away from power tools and am now with pencil and pad and keyboard.

So the last thing I need right now is some moral/parable/fable preachy reactions from wanna-be priests/priestesses.

This is a great video. If you don’t like it, STF.

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No, see, the only thing that matters is that you get to feel morally superior…yeha, you.

I don’t. Never said I did.


I am trying to find anywhere that either the “boy” or the “girl” mentions unfamiliarity with consciousness altering.

The second video is way better than the first one. Favorite quote, Keith reading the instruction booklet and saying “this is a book of lies”

I was cracking up during the Keith video but the first one really did not do it for me

Yeah if you’re gonna make fun of us, do it right!

… Ok, that’s not fun. Well. I tried.

I use wood glue on the dowels, that strengthens it up a lot.

I’ve got some Ikea kids furniture where I glued the dowels and filled the fastener holes then painted it, and that is still as strong today as it was when I assembled it, after six years of abuse at the hands of small children.

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Eye-key-a? Really?

At the high school?

Karate Nuns!

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The last line of the instructions says precisely that.
17. Fuck it go find some swings.


US American 21st shaman: getting high for clicks


Wow… some of those on this thread take this and themselves very seriously.


happened ! hahahaha

TL|DR, but her set and setting were seemingly well prepared and the outcome was fun!

I probably wouldn’t be too welcome in that crowd. In fact would likely attract the attention of the authorities if I was seen roaming around high schools. Na, sorry, it’s just a terrible idea on all fronts.

I’ve only gotten both sadder and crazier over the years, it’s not for me anymore.


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