Casemodder builds a tiny, perfect living room inside a PC


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Looks like my first apartment, only bigger.



Wow, is that a VIA southbridge? Must have stumbled through both a temporal and a spatial distortion… I can’t quite make out the model number; but that’s verging into “That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.” territory…

That aside, I salute the color coordination of the decor with the motherboard; it’s an excellent touch.


Not sure how the oriental carpeting will help with the airflow. The dustbunnies will surely appreciate all those nooks and crannies.


think of the memes you can influence with that dank carpet.


It must be hard to have such a long, searchable history of blog posts when memory is imperfect. From October 10, 2009:


In his defense, “Заголовок сообщения: Комната в компьютере” isn’t exactly the easiest phrase to search for.


I am not trying to indict him for anything, I assure you. I only remembered it because it is my favourite casemod ever.


ah yes. Unicode. Code pages are ever so much fun.


But, do mice use Airbnb?


Wow!!! I haven’t seen that mod in years… I doubt very much it’s even still around, very cool idea though… I wonder of i can get those PCI slot shelves in IKEA.


I mean, cool doll furniture, but why would you go to all that effort and not use round IDE cables?

Also loving the disconnected hard drive.


I dunno. Those model builders can be kind of creepy.


Original source:

My friend Chiron Bramberger did that shoot 11 years ago, and it just keeps going around and around the internet, like a sock in the washing machine. Here it comes again.

Chiron almost never gets attribution, which is interesting/unfortunate. I notice in Cory’s 2009 post he calls him a “Russian casemodder”, I guess because the photos were posted on a Russian language website.


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