Cast metal Lego brick charm


Not a Lego®. It’s a building brick.

It looks to be made with less precision than real Lego bricks.

“Silvertone metal alloy” is a harmless lead-mercury amalgam, buffed to a nice shine.

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A regular Lego 2x4 is approx 16 x 32 x 9.6mm (not including the studs on top). This is clearly much smaller based on the dimensions ThinkGeek provides.

I assumed it was made from recycled guitars…

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I have done work for Lego in the past. I promise you, there is nothing approximate about it…

Assuming that someone is having these cheaply mass produced in China, your humor may sadly be closer to the truth than you may think…

All I know is that if I were a US company having something similar produced in China, I’d be taking a handful, randomly selected, from each shipment, and sending them out for elemental analysis. I’d imagine that the potential liability savings would be well worth the relatively inexpensive costs of alloy analysis.

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That sounds dangerously socialistic to me. Treacherously so, even…

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