Cast of Stranger Things performs Motown medley with James Corden


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These sons of bumpses…how dare they make me feel so inadequate and unaccomplished in my life. :laughing:


i love seeing how much fun they are having with their success. i just hope fame doesn’t warp and destroy them.


Thanks, Carla;

I totally needed a unicorn chaser…


not to miss, the lead-in:


Watched a couple of the panels for Stranger Things, after wrapping Season 2 up.

Always amazes me how child actors like this manage to seem much more childlike in their performances than in real life.


I love how they also seem to al have good heads and hearts. It’s refreshing to see well adjusted teens.


When do the girls in the show get some cool performance gig?


Do you mean other than Millie Bobby Brown?


Oh thank you. Would like to see Sadie and Winona too. Maybe all together? Too bad I don’t have a late-night show to feature them.


Do a search for Millie Bobby Brown singing. She has done a bunch!


As a long time Motown fan, I usually cringe at cover efforts. These guys rock and added touches to these classic songs that added to their appeal! Looking forward to hearing a LOT more from this group!


What fun :slight_smile: I just watched the first episode of Stranger Things last night and it is even better than it is said to be. Totally awesome.


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