Mystery Science Theater 3000 does Stranger Things


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Once I got past the fact that they weren’t the same voices I thoroughly enjoyed this.

When I told my daughter about this she asked, “Why would they do Stranger Things? I thought they only did stuff that sucks.”


Awesome, thank you. I’ve been loving the new season on Netflix; Cry Wilderness is truly amazing (and I’d put it up there with the best of the Mike or Joel episodes).


Wait is this part of the new season or something else?


It’s a promo for the new season.


Wow, they’re really annoying. Do they do that all the way through every movie?



Cool. I am about half way through. Really miss the old robot voices, but it is growing on me. Really enjoy the two new Mads.

Sorta want a Skeleton Crew costume…

One thing I think they should do is once a year riff on an actual “hit”, like a Star Trek or other big name.


Hampton Yount does a pretty dead-on Crow impression, but the new Tom Servo is more his own thing. I miss Kevin Murphy breaking into song all the time. And yes, the new Mads are terrific.

I’m looking forward to their take on The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t. It’ll be the first time I’ll watch them riff a movie I’ve watched un-ironically (and thought was ridiculous even without them).

[fulll disclosure, I was a Kickstarter supporter of the new season]


That’s pretty much what RiffTrax is for (though I suppose they do some old movies as well, so there’s some room for multiple riffs of the same thing…).


The ST promo is very fast paced, while a full length feature has many more pauses. The movies themselves are trash worthy bad and not worth a watch otherwise.
A lot of the one liners can either be flat or even just mean spirited, but the real payoff comes when recurring jokes slowly build throughout the episode. A short promo cant quite convey some of the brilliance that the show can produce.


I watched the first one recently (Reptilicus) and while it seemed to start slow (jokes were sparse) eventually they picked up the pace and got me laughing pretty heartily. I’ve got high hopes for it.




It wasn’t the best episode, but my daughter really loved the monster song. The second episode is where I legit started laughing out loud.

I have really fond memories of watching MST3K on public access with my dad when I was a kid. It feels really fitting to have it back for my family now.


Is it just me or does he sound like Aziz Ansari some times?


I have oddly fond memories of stuffing my face in a pillow so my laughter wouldn’t wake up my parents upstairs. During the “Out Of This World” short I nearly suffocated.

It’s wonderful you can share it with your family.


You’re a time traveler from before MST3K was on TV? I mean, it’s been a thing for something like 20 years.


Actually he’s an even older time traveller who just came from this thing called The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All the kids in 1977 are raving about it!


I met my first longterm girlfriend (when we were much younger) in a Rocky cast.


it grows on you if you let it, like mold…delicious, delicious mold