Joel Hodgson is Kickstarting a reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000


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Oh what great memories I have of MST! Joel is a living genius.


This might be the second kickstarter I support…


Oh fuck yes. I’m in


I have too many good memories of watching MST3K (and yes, passing around actual videotapes) to not be in. Whether this Kickstarter succeeds or fails (and whether a new MST3K catches on or not), Joel is a genius and deserves the chance.


I went to a live Rifftrax show of The House on Haunted Hill and it was fun but I still missed Joel and the 'bots. Yeah, I’m in.

Seeing Rifftrax live made me realize one of the benefits of watching MST3K at home. There were some jokes I missed because the audience around me was laughing so hard. Yeah, it was great we were all enjoying it but I couldn’t record and rewind the live action.


What’s the stretch goal to have Mike be the host? ducks


Hrm. I’d say being able to try and kill you with a forklift?


Klaus, that you?


The staying power of this program after all these years is rather staggering.


Nah. Just call me Rocky?


assuming he can raise an eye-popping $2,000,000

Good lord, and it’s already almost 1/4 of the way there. Looks like there’s just a little bit of a demand there.


Puma? Puma? Puma!


Favorite MST3K quote:

Joel (or was it Mike?): And what do you want for Christmas, Crow?

Crow: I want to decide who lives and who dies.

Joel: Ooohhh… I dunno, Crow.


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The amazing thing is that the average backer is in for over $100! I know zero about demographics – but it sounds like MST3K appeals to a damn good demographic, at least from the disposable-income angle.


This. Joel left MST3K and Mike took it farther and more successful than Joel’s deadpan snooze fest ever could. Long live rifftrax.


That would be Joel. And no surprise its your favorite.


How many more Mitchell movies are there?


Dang it, why don’t I have any monies to giiiiiive?!?