Joel Hodgson is Kickstarting a reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000

I’d love to see more of MST3K, but doesn’t that seems a bit steep price wise?


I’m pretty sure $2,000,000 would have covered the first five seasons [citation needed]. I mean have you seen what the bots are made of?


From random Internet forum:

“In 1999 I read, during the show’s 10th and final season, SciFi Channel execs, i.e. Bonnie Hammer, claimed that it was becoming more difficult to find rights holders of movies who were willing to license their films for the show. Some of those rights holders were demanding as much as $75,000 a movie during the SciFi Channel run. These statements by SciFi regarding movie rights costs, along with the budget of each episode being about $100,000 to produce, BEFORE movie rights costs were used as reasons to cancel MST3k, due to budgetary costs concerns, among other reasons.”

Apparently the budget for the first two KTMA episodes was 250 each.

So yeah, 15 years of inflation, coupled with most of the rights holders of movies knowing what their films are worth… Well, I can kind of see the argument here. Plus they have to rebuild all the sets, too.


Likely part of that has to deal with rights issues for each movie.

See, the rights cost issue is why Rifftrax is a successful venture and why this reboot will only ever be a few episodes produced for the most dedicated of fans. It’s great that people want more MST3K, but 2 million for three episodes is incredibly heartbreaking.

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