Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back on Kickstarter

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I wish I could shell out for the Snowglobe level of supporter, but alas. Either way, long live MST3K!


I love MST3K, but I have to be the devil’s advocate on this one; I don’t think the audience for this format of show really exists anymore. Or if it does exist, it’s eroded to the point where it can’t really support such a show anymore. My reasoning?

  1. I was raised on a diet of crappy movies on broadcast TV, and learned to find the entertainment value in things that were not supposed to be that entertaining anymore. Today’s TV watcher doesn’t really have to do this, there’s vast reservoirs of quality shows that can be found and streamed with minimal effort.

  2. Do that many people have the hour-and-a-half to two hours to devote to shared cultural humor? I feel like that fuel is being burned by meme’s these days.

  3. A lot of the jokes on MST3K are dependent on “insider humor”, and that’s a comedic form that I also feel is dying out.

Agree, huge fan of the original but it seems kind of sad to keep dragging the same concept out again and again.


I dunno, man, people spend HOURS watching other people play video games. Why wouldn’t they spend 2 hours watching people watch movies.

And humor writing depends on who is doing it. It can be as fresh as a daisy.


We enjoyed it, it’s a good addition to the series.


I don’t care for the new cast and I was never really into Joel, I’m a Mike fan, thus if I want MST3K style offerings I find Rifftrax has what I want. Sure the skits and framing device are gone, but I wasn’t super into that part either, just give me the riffs man!

I smell your daisy, and I raise you a whoopie cushion.

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Do they have…
High School Musical? No.
One Got Fat? No.
Jurassic Park with Weird Al? No.
Guy From Harlem? No.
Rock and Roll Nightmare? No.
MST episodes? Yes…but to what end, lots of places have them…

Back to giving Rifftrax my money, they’ve been providing new material for years, have a substantial catalog…and a monthly subscription service…and Disembaudio…

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