Cat fooled


let me guess, the cat turns inside out and starts screaming babylonian curses?

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Don’t they all?

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Fooled? Maybe. But some cats indulge in “willing suspension of disbelief”. One of my cats, upon seeing me pick up the laser pointer, will get all excited and start looking around. He apparently know’s it’s really me, but enjoys chasing a little point of red light. The other, much brighter, cat, will studiously ignore the laser dot, like he’s too cool for that stuff. But he kills squirrels for fun and snacks, and the other is a pathetically bad hunter.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Four cats fooled!


Link to the source instead of some link farm:


Reminds me of when I lived with some cats where one was a serious hunter and the other was nicknamed Box of Rocks. The first once brought us squirrle pieces (ick) and Box of Rocks noticed that that cat was getting a lot of attention. So Box of Rocks went out to do some hunting of its own and began bringing in various pieces of … pizza crust. In the cat’s favor, I believe it found all the crusts of one whole pizza.


Haha mine does that too!

Holy cow - I was thinking the exact same thing. Get. Out.

At least it wasn’t fooled by a moth.

Always nice to see some indication that I’m at least marginally smarter than a cat.

There are many more times I could have done with a bit of cold pizza than bird guts between the toe. Or, on one memorable occasion, a starling spread out on its back, with its lungs and STILL-BEATING HEART outside of its chest, like some tiny, hideous Viking sacrifice…


“Box of Rocks”. I like that! Our dim bulb cat just got a new nickname.

Anyone who’s owned animals knows the nature/nurture thing is a load of crap. Some are born smart, others dumb, just like people. Oops, was that un-PC? You can tell the personality of a 8 week old kitten. I told my mom not to buy the kitten she thought was prettiest, I thought it was a whiner. And that cat was a bitch and whiner till she died at 15. A vet told me my 12 week old kitten was special, and he was, the kind of cat that at a loud party would be working the crowd and jumping in laps.

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It’s interesting that the cat sees this as a moving object, because I’ve found that cats don’t always respond to the same simulations of motion we do. Some computer animations will catch their attention, some won’t.

On the other hand, the reaction of the cat in this video reminds me very much of the time I blew soap bubbles for a visiting cat. I got a classic feline doubletake when the bubbles popped as they hit the floor, appearing to go through the solid surface. The look I got translated pretty clearly as “I don’t believe it – do that again!”

Uhm… Respectfully disagree, strongly. Both nature and nurture are relevant.Yes, cats like anyone else have base variations in intelligence and personality and so on… but what they’re exposed to does also affect them profoundly, in most of the same ways that it affects us. Nature sets basic capabilities and limits; nurture affects how they are used.


Confuse a cat? Satisfaction guaranteed!


Cat’s satisfaction when it decides to barf-on, pee-on, or shred your shoes.

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That reminds me of the proverb: “Curiosity killed the cat” because the lesser known ending to it is, “But, satisfaction brought it back”.

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Always consult a vet first and leave the confusing to the professionals!

Thank you. I’ve been campaigning to try to teach people the second half of that proverb for decades; nice to know I’m not the only one!

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