Cat sees laser pointer dot for the first time


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My day is better for having viewed this photo :sunny:


Cats are so derpy… I love 'em…


This is probably what a human face would look like upon seeing an actual, real, UFO full of big-eyed aliens.


Aaaar, shers gervern me gershberms!

Such a cutie!


My God! It’s full of stars…


I’m happy and yet also disappointed. I wanted it to be something like a cucumber-reaction.


Love it! I too have been cross-eyed with delight over very little.


My heart, she has warmed it.


Was this clickbait? Yes, it was! (And did I click on it? You bet!)
One of my cats always had to chase the red dot. Another one saw the red dot, saw it move, saw my hand move, saw the dot move, and glared at me to say “Stop doing that!”



We’ve a Pittie mix that will chase the dot.


Wait until she discovers that sapient pearwood Luggage in the corner…


My cat reacts to the jangle the keychain on my/her laser pointer makes as I pick it up, so I’m pretty sure she knows what I’m doing. Doesn’t stop her chasing the dot though.


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