Watch two-legged kitten destroy a village while chasing a laser




OMG, he looks like a cute furry T Rex.


Totally! In the glittery puffball one I was thinking how birdlike his movements had become. And then I saw how he used his tail as a whipsawing counterbalance, and his wee vestigial front legs, and I saw a furry T. rex right in front of me!

Then I imagined myself being six inches high, and the cuteness began to melt away…


Just a tiny T-Rex…


Furry? Thought they were feathery.


There were eight million stories in the naked city, until Mr. Tiddikins came to town…


Catzilla! I want to see the next video, where he fights Mothrat.


The real question here is: Who let the kitten use a weed whacker?! I mean, really!


In an attempt to shame our four-legged tub-o-goo, I show this to him (since he can’t jump up on the bathroom vanity to get combed anymore):


That wallaby could do with losing some weight there.


I don’t think a weed whacker did that. Maybe a lawn mower?


too soon


Was Tom Dickson anywhere near the location of the incident?


Sorry, I think using a Laser pointer on a cat or dog who’s eyes are many times more sensitive to light than our own, is cruelty.
There is a warning on the side of the Laser for the animals that can read it!
We have a rescue parrot that is lame and cannot climb and hang and feed himself like a normal parrot. We were told to put him down. We did not and he is a joy to us every day.
I love this story and this cat. But please rethink the promotion of, in my opinion, this very dangerous and yet excepted couch potato way of playing with with a pet.


Did anyone else hear BOC’s Godzilla while watching this?


Actually, no.


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