Red panda curiously investigates laser pointer


It’s not cool?

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A laser pointer can serve as a quite good laser guidance system for a cat. The cat can be remote-controlled to follow the dot into the desired destination. Handy when luring her from under the bed, or keeping her indoors to prevent her escape when the door is open (and not having to hunt her in the stairwell - or to lure her out of the stairwell).

Use is suggested to be carefully rationed as after too heavy use the cat will wise up and display gradually shortened attention span towards the dot, ultimately resulting in forced fallback to conventional catch-carry-release techniques.

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Also works on babies.


not actually cool

I beg to differ.


GUYS, did you see that! What’s that green thing?!


Saying laser pointers are fun for animals is like welding playground equipment shut.

True that. The little buttons aren’t paws-friendly.


I’d definitely frown on using a laser pointer at a zoo, enough so that I might tip off a docent or worker.

I’d also never use it it on animals, and when I do use one with our cats, I keep the light (direct and reflected) away from their eyes, especially when using a green one like they are in the video. (Very rarely I’ll use the green one, only to lure one out of hiding – we’ve got a crappy red one that is dedicated to occasional cat confusing duty.)

Did you ever catch it?

No matter how many times I try, I can’t read that in a way that doesn’t imply that ichibut thinks his cats are not animals.

Which, hey, I respect.

I don’t shine it on (at) my cats.

Still trying. Came close a few times. It’s a living!

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Try harder! :wink:

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