Cat grooming bag doubles as feline gimp suit


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“Gimp’s sleeping in a sunbeam.”


I’d probably suffer more damage trying to stuff my cat’s head into that thing than just normally trying to trim her nails and risking the occasional swipe.

Covering a cat’s eyes is a great way to disarm them, it’s that One Weird Trick you can implement to get them in a kitty carrier for a trip to the vet, but making a mask that you can leave in place? That’s inhumane.


My cats are traumatized that I’ve even looked at this!


  • for when you don’t mind some variance in your definition of “domesticated.”

Serious question: why do you trim your cat’s nails?

I haven’t had a cat since I was a kid, but we never trimmed their nails, and as I remember it there was never any reason to. Can they still climb trees and such when you trim them?

It’s probably useless to trim if a cat goes outdoors a lot.

In my case, I trim my indoor cat’s claws (only the very tip to blunt them a bit) because it is a tiny bit less sharp if she decides to play-fight with my limbs and also she tends to get snagged in fabrics/furniture covers when they get too long. She has a scratch post but it doesn’t seem to be enough to prevent the snagging. She can still climb, scratch and even hunt despite the trimming (we once had a mouse problem she took care of).

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The strange things Americans think to do with their cats…

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