Cat meat crackdown in Zhangjiagang

I’m guessing “roof hare”.

In Genovese, it’s “lévre de cuppi” – a ‘tile hare’.

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christmas vacation squirrel GIF

Yup, my dad talks of hunting squirrel, hare, even rattlesnake.


I think it’s entirely appropriate for China and other international news outlets to cover the epidemic of school shootings in America, provided that the reporting is accurate. We should be shamed for that.


Dude racism is real. People got shot here not to long ago because of this. And they are still pretending that nazi didn’t target asians on purpose. [redacted personal stuff]


While I agree that there are some racist tropes around this sort of thing, most of the time, they would be eating those sorts of things due to famine, or being close to starvation, there are plenty of stories of people in Europe during WWII eating domestic animals or rats, and far more people than the Chinese had dog meat as part of their normal diets (Europeans included).

That said, it’s not by any means just a myth:

ETA: There were several scandals here in the UK where horse meat was sold as beef or lamb, and I’m pretty sure if there was a way to make a decent profit, capitalists would probably be rounding up dogs and cats here to sell as other meats.


I don’t disagree that cherry picking factually accurate stories can be done in a racist and systematic way by bad actors. There are obvious examples of that throughout history, including some “conservative” publications that continue to gleefully have “black on black” crime sections in their reporting.

Apparently you believe that Boing Boing is doing that in this case. I’m not yet convinced that that’s true but I respect your opinion.


You have more confidence in people than I do and I respect that. We likely both have our reasons. Thank you.

For me I don’t think such things require intent or real malice to still be effective tools of racist propaganda on social media platforms. OTOH it requires a great deal of effort to avoid them once they’re in the water. If I thought Rob was intentionally spreading racist propaganda because that’s what he’s personally about I wouldn’t bother saying anything, I’d just nuke this account and hope to forget I ever posted here.


I’m just happy all the cats are going to be O.K., isn’t that the real story here?
May they live out their lives in comfort!


It’ll be incredibly difficult to find shelters and homes for all the cats, it’s a pretty significant number but hopefully since this has been reported so widely there’s enough momentum to help all of the cats.


Narrator: They didn’t.

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Gato por liebre.

Or, I guess cerdo in this case.

If it was a ‘dog,’ it would be “whistling…”

I concur.

Not all ‘content’ is equal, and some click bait is deeply rooted in hate mongering… that’s something to consider when posting articles.


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