Catholic high school suppressed student newspaper article, drawing wide attention to it

BIG reason I’m not a Catholic anymore: Arbitrary rules for women. That and seven of the priests assigned to my high school at the time I was there were named in the PA Grand Jury report.


When will people realize that when you “try” to suppress something from public knowledge nowadays, you are only bringing more attention to it? It’s like when someone challenges a book. As soon as it’s challenged, everyone goes out to read it to find out what’s so scandalous.

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So, when does this altar service take place? During school hours? During my short Catholic school stint we had mass during school hours.

Once a week at least and every day during Lent. What’s your point?

My point is that if it’s done during school hours it should be subject to Title IX.


Ah! Thanks for the clarification!

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Thank you for the opportunity to repeat that I loathe Dan Brown.

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Not quite. They go out an buy it. I seriously doubt that most who bought ‘Ulysses’ for its salaciousness managed to get more than 2 or 3 pages in.


I attended a small Catholic college which censored its newspaper as well on certain subjects.

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I take that as read. I went on a holiday in Rome and visited all these amazing places, only to have them slightly tarnished by remembering that Dan Brown set a scene there. Ostia was far better; I’d only read Lindsey Davis stories set around Ostia.

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To be honest, I’ve only read something like 5 pages of Angels and Demons before deciding I did not want to invest my time with something that was, at best, written by a very average 12 year old boy.

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How does that quote go? Something like… Journalism is printing what the subject of the story DOESN’T want you to print; Everything else is PR.

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