Catholic Church-owned insurer has secret files on paedophile priests

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But of course. Every administration has to function on bureaucracy.


There is no way to accurately transmit the level of sarcasm mixed with utter rage in the attempted response.

Try again later.


Welcome to the world of Australian Catholic child abuse, where the church still considers that it is above the law, and where Cardinal Pell considers abortion a greater crime than child abuse and, when told of the serial sexual abuse by a priest, stated that it “didn’t interest him that much”.


So for those who haven’t seen or heard it yet, the wonderful Tim Minchin wrote “Come Home Cardinal Pell” about this very scandal:



I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Consider the high probability that all bishop…eries (?) have identical records covering the abuses committed in their territories.

As yet undiscovered.

Why would it be simply Australia?

Imagine the mountains of paperwork being shredded, hidden. So not only the abuse is being hidden; but now we know the recording and processing of the internal information (ever seen a bureaucracy really at work? That’s a lot of paperwork to hide)

It’s surely an ecclesiastical Enron.


Where Is Cardinal Bernard Law Now?

The guy the Spotlight team uncovered is living well at the Vatican. Where he was promoted & more powerful than ever.


I wonder, did they charge higher rates on churches with a large number of paedophiles?


I just saw Spotlight a couple days ago- a very well made film especially considering its subject matter. When the end credits displayed how many cities have been touched by this scandal, my heart sunk, thinking there’s no way to get this much Spotlight heroism to all the places it’s needed.

So if the Royal Commission fails to do its job, it’s going to look like regulatory capture. And if it does force the issue and release the files, the next question will be, what would it take to get the rest of the world to protect all its citizens, and go after the Vatican. There just aren’t’ that many International criminal conspiracies with this level of organized crime.


Bishoprics or dioceses. The latter is more common, as bishopric can refer to the office as well.

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The Catholic Church is a conspiracy of rapists, with the clerical hierarchy deeply involved all the way to the top.

The media seems to be repeatedly failing to notice that these aren’t just historical events; the church is still doing it. Cover ups, destruction of evidence, parish-shifting, attacking victims, non-disclosure settlements, etc etc

It’s a criminal conspiracy on a grand scale, and the crime is still happening, right now. There are priests raping kids this very second, secure in the knowledge that the church will move heaven and earth to ensure that truth is not told and justice is not done.


I’ve said it here on the boards before… If I were made president of the US, I’d raid the Vatican in order to return the child rapists to the proper jurisdictions where they committed their crimes, and return all their nazi gold and art. We’d have a war that actually did some good.

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In a discussion of child sexual abuse by clergy, the term “bishopric” comes up? There’s a pun in here somewhere. . .

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By conspiring with the molesters to cover up their crimes, the Church has transformed itself from an organization of child-raping creeps to a child-raping organization of creeps. It’s a subtle but meaningful distinction.


I feel like Francis could make a major statement by sending the priests back to Australia to testify. It seems like the kind of thing he might do, or am I underestimating the protective culture of the Vatican?


The second one. Every time Francis speaks, his PR group “clarify” to make sure that anything he says is no different from the policy the church has had for the last hundred years.


You are overestimating the moral character of Francis.

He’s better at PR than the last one. He’s still the leader of a global organisation of homophobic, misogynistic, child-raping conmen.


Brilliant. Can we have more of these about everything we’re outraged about?

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