Catholic League insists that it's only rape when priests "penetrate" children

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The what, did not pene… FUUUCK.
How… I have no words here.


I thought that toad Donohue had retired years ago. Outrageous as it seems, this is a completely typical statement from this truly odious figure and his “League” (in reality a long-outdated mailing list).


A spokesman for Genghis Khan said yesterday that critics of the Mongol warlord are making a big fuss about nothing. “Everyone’s always talking about his record: so many cities pillaged, so many enemies slaughtered. What about all the cities that he didn’t pillage? Let me remind you, many of his enemies were not actually slaughtered. Some were merely maimed, crippled, or variously injured. Yet to hear people go on about it, you’d think that every last one of them had been hacked to pieces by grinning nomads wielding three-foot sabers.”

“The ones who were brutally dismembered were a tiny, tiny minority,” the spokesman continued. “We’re talking mere hundreds of thousands here, millions at the most, not the tens of millions that some people claim. The vast majority of the Great Khan’s victims were merely despoiled and brutalized, sometimes forced from their homes to starve or die of exposure, occasionally raped or castrated. Stuff happens, people, it’s medieval warfare. But these ridiculous exaggerations are nothing less than an attempt to besmirch the record of a ruler who has been overwhelmingly a force for good in Central Asia and Europe. The real villains here are those who are trying to blow this whole thing out of proportion with their inflammatory lies.”


This hair splitting over what is plainly sexual assault is a sign that this particular religion has outlived its usefulness. Morality based institutions become something other than what was intended after a century or so, with their dogma dragging them down and making them ripe for predators of all stripes.


This guy’s whole “shtick” is obscene and repulsive. I’m not religious in any sense of the word, but this makes me sick.


The Pope needs to excommunicate that motherfucker stat. Which he sadly won’t do. The Catholic Church has continued to enthusiastically smear itself with shit on this issue under Francis’s tenure.

Which is a shame because the world needs a religious institution with clout to speak up on behalf of environmental stewardship and social justice issues - areas where the Church is actually on the correct side of things - but the more they double down on telling women that contraception is evil and double down on covering up for the pedophiles in their ranks, the more their credibility on every issue is shredded.


Ah - outercourse.

Is he chair of the Brock Turner Defense Fund?

Asshole- just fuck you; pedophile enabler.


I’ll just leave this here.


Worth noting that Bill Donohue is in no way a “spokesperson” for the Catholic Church. If anything he’s been one of the loudest critics of the Church every time they threaten to do something even mildly progressive.


Yea, this. I don’t think even Catholics like him. In fact, I wonder just how many members the “Catholic League” has.


“How to be part of the problem”


Knives and bullets penetrate.

So, if you encounter Bill Donohue, don’t stab or shoot him.


Yeah but theres a big push to remove or change the statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault in multiple states. Particularly when it comes to crimes involving children.

Easy sell right? “This law makes sure child molesters get punished, and victims can get compensation.” Who’d risk voting that down?

But taking my state (New York) as an example. Its repeatedly failed to pass, votes have repeatedly been delayed. And theres a large contingent of state legislators who wont touch it with a 10 foot pole.

See the opposition is lead by the Catholic Church who’s stated position is “you can pass that law cause The Church will have to pay settlements to all those people”. And it gets smeared as a deliberately anti-catholic law. So while Donahue is a straight nut. His response is about where the official one is.


But there was no collusion, right?


Nope. Just conspiracy, money laundering and treason.

Nothing to see here.


The Catholic League is not an “ultra-conservative” anything, it’s a one-man money laundering machine. He’s put together, over the last 40 years, a non-profit with $37MM in assets that pays him $500K a year (with a total salary outlay of about $1.5MM, $300K to a VP and the rest to admin), raises $3MM a year and gives out a whopping $200K in grants a year. All so Bill Donahue can defend any excess, or elevate any criticism, of the Church so he drum up small dollar donations from 80 year old Catholic women. The Form 990 is fascinating.


It’s stupid shit like this (when I was 15 it was explained to me that handicapped men who were unable to having an erection and penetrate their wives weren’t really married to them) that made me stop being a Catholic, leading to me quite happily embracing my politely militant atheism.


Fuck the Catholic church. Fuck the evangelists too. Yeah and fuck the god damned Mormons while we’re at it.


If you were religious, especially Catholic or evangelist, you would have two choices at this point, abandon your religion or double down and dig deep into the depths of hell and embrace your true god.