Catholicism Is Not A Religion, It's A Sex Cult

Pedophiles and deviants are not men of faith.

How many more?


Oh shit, shots fired.

(I don’t disagree that the rampant unchecked sexual abuse perpetrated by those in power is horrific and unacceptable.)


That’s some real hard No-true-scottsmaning.

Why can’t people just accept that authoritarian patriarchal father god religions lead to sexual abuse that is covered up and blamed on the victim.

It’s just a natural consequence of believing that the happiness of some unaccountable god is way more important than the wellbeing of earthly people.

In all of christianity, the world is temporary and essentially not even real when compared with god and heaven, so whatever happens here doesn’t really matter anyway, so long as ypu pick the winning side.


Unacceptable as a religion. I am at a loss to even comprehend how anyone would choose to call themselves a Catholic. This behavior is in the blood of it’s leadership and not just some random events. It’s sickening.


Me neither.

Millions of people pay 10% of their salaries every week to help support an criminal syndicate that covers for repeat child rapists and even lodges them in a literal gilded palace.


I think that the only fault i find here is limiting it to Catholicism. I challenge the comunity to find an authoritarian religion that does not have this crap baked in. Southern Baptists have been in the news lately for this. It is the “thou shalt not question the word of the man in charge” that is is the root of this particular evil.


Slightly to their credit from what I have seen of the articles the protestant churches are much better at picking up the phone and calling the sheriff on pastor Joe to come get the sex predator.
Still should not be happening in the first place but at least they don’t make a habit of covering up and shuffling them around.



“How many more child rape records you gonna burn father?”

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Agreed on both counts. Might be the Protestants are less likely to conflate the pastor with God than the Catholic priesthood, perhaps, but the root is it should not happen in the first place. But when it does, yes the Protestants seem to be better at handling it, to some extent. Struggling to make that any more than a bit less bad, though.


Compared to all the other religions that are rife with abuse, bigotry and misogyny?

People can believe whatever they want obviously; but sadly, it seems that a whole lot of belief systems are just an excuse to control and oppress people.


Sounds good.


Unitarians? I guess they’re not all that authoritarian tho.


This is not a good metaphor for anything. Blood libel, corruption of blood, “His blood is on us and on our children,” these are real historical bad ideas. Criminal behavior is not “in our DNA,” especially not in some people’s DNA but not others.


It’s in the DNA of the religion itself. It’s a parasitic meme, and when you strip out its power to cause harm its usefulness is lost too. I personally just go without religion.


I suspect you’re missing the point a bit.

Biological metaphors, particularly those associated with parasitism, have a long and ugly history of being deployed in the service of genocide.

There are better metaphors to use.


And especially for the “wrong” religion.



Hmmm… my personal observations during years of living in the Bible Belt is that the Southern Baptists are not better at handling this. The abusers hide behind their positions and/or status within the church and community and weaponize it to shame and discredit the accusers (see also: Roy Moore). They are no more likely to report an abuser within their ranks than the Catholic Church. Just within Alabama, these are the known ones. And it took until this month for the leadership of the Southern Baptists to admit that maybe, just maybe, that this is a problem within their denomination.

This hits close to home, in a near miss way. I was acquainted with the family of one who was convicted. Despite real differences in belief, I was becoming friendly with his wife and was thinking about whether his daughters might be future babysitters for my daughter. I have a photograph of HIM HOLDING MY INFANT DAUGHTER that I keep as a reminder that I ignored my gut reaction to him when I first met him, in part because of that mantel of respectability he carried because of his position within his Baptist church and the community. The Baptist churches might be

but doctrinally a man is always considered closer to God, and this becomes obvious when there is an accusation of abuse. So, no, the (very Protestant) Southern Baptists have not been any better than the Catholic Church at handling sexual abuse within their ranks, so far. They just haven’t been around as long. I read they’ve both formed some committees - woohoo - let’s see which one actually does anything to improve.