Catholic priest 'caught snorting cocaine in Nazi room'

Well, despite that…

Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana has lashed out at the country’s insatiable appetite for drugs, which has made us a target for international syndicates.


I’d imagine it’s more a problem of precursors than cooks.


Sure, for coca, but MDMA precursors aren’t limited to the Western Hemisphere. SE Asia’s a stone’s throw away.


Australian customs are renowned as being pretty shit-hot. Hell, theyll bust you for salad ingredients pretty much, never mind sassafras oil et al. As an aside, safrole was hard to get world wide for a while a few years back, and ecstasy prices went through the roof everywhere. There are other synths (apparently you can work up MDMA from pepper, even), but better cooks and tougher synths = higher prices.


SE Asia is a stone’s throw away, but it’s a stone that has to travel over croc/shark/stinger infested waters and past a navy (not police, not coast guard, the RAN) that is on constant guard for small boats. Get past that, and it’s just a few thousand kilometres of jungle and desert before you reach the nearest profitable population centre.

If you want to bypass that by flying into Sydney, you’ve got a first-world customs service which is not notably more corrupt than usual, and has historically been extremely paranoid about unknown substances coming in from overseas (not for drug reasons; agricultural quarantine). There are a bunch of common American/European animal and plant diseases that simply don’t exist in Australia.

The moat provides a large natural advantage to customs enforcement; they have taken that advantage and made the most of it.

Ain’t nothing they can do about the magic mushies growing in the cow paddocks, though. :smile:


We need small labs with good instrumentation and computer controlled automation, to be able to synth the meds and precursors from available stuff.

We can Fischer-Tropsch the initial feedstocks from waste biomass if needed.

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