Catholic priest 'caught snorting cocaine in Nazi room'


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Wasn’t this in an episode of Father Ted?


Northern Irish Catholic Priests: basically 1970s rockstars, apparently.


No. What surprises me, it being Northern Ireland and all, is that it wasn’t someone from the DUP.
(It calls itself the Democratic Unionist Party, which is about as accurate as the organisation that called itself the National Socialist Party.) Northern Irish Catholics tend to be left rather than right wing.


The old saying used to be, “moderation is for monks; take big bites”. That will have to be suitably updated, I suppose.


So who filmed/photographed this? Is he a selfie taking cocaine snorting priest?


Considering the nature of the other scandal lately associated with Catholic priests, I’m prepared to give the guy a pass on doing a few lines of coke.

Edit: Correcting my US-centric geography blindness.


It sure does sound as if he’s saying “I shouldn’t…,”

Well he was right about that.


Take this and snort it, for this is my dandruff which I have given up for you


A priest is not necessarily a monk, and a monk, not necessarily a priest.


But a pedant is always a pedant!



What’s up with the (stock?) photo of a truly ridiculous amount of cocaine being snorted with a dollar bill? Isn’t this from the UK? Surely you can find someone using a pound note.


Ah, the old ‘Bolivian Communion’.

I, personally, can’t stand cocaine but I do love the way it smells.


I was thinking, “Moderation is for [people not generally inclined, by nature of extended religious training and beliefs, to outlandish or brash behavior], etc.etc…”, as well as a tidy bit of alliteration. But…ah…thanks for the clarification.


A monk takes vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience that outsiders (including clergy) might think a little extreme.


I bet I know what he gave up for lent…


That phrase is dead to me now.


To be honest it could be the beer though. I like the abbey stuff so much it has made me poor, pliable, and sexless.


Specially when you smell it from real close.


So he ground up a bunch of communion wafers?