Swat Team terrorizes drug-free family of tea-drinking tomato-growers


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nice . . . real nice.


That was serious overkill, and incompetence on their part and that first idiot judge, who voted for that judge >_>

Justice prevails ^-^/


Drug-free family of tea-drinking tomato-growers? Damn! That’s me.

They can come and get the ground hog that is terrorizing my tomato garden. Maybe it will listen to them because it sure as hell isn’t listening to me. Swat that m’frs.


knock knock knock


Obviously the cops were studying an outdated slang dictionary. Or were Simon and Garfunkel fans. Perfectly understandable.


This is a story of cops with quotas, plain and simple


Presumably these people were buying enough hydroponic equipment for just a few tomato plants, just what kind of large-scale operation were they hoping to bust that would even bust here that would even warrant more than one officer? :rofl:

* note: I am not saying that the use of force is necessary in ANY case involving marijuana grow-ops but a SWAT team for 3-4 plants?


I am not saying that the use of force is necessary in ANY case involving marijuana grow-ops but a SWAT team for 3-4 plants?


At any time, has anyone responsible admitted to even the slightess of mistakes?


There’s been no downturn in this kind of tragedy - and Jeff Sessions is turning back all progress on police reform. Anyone want to read a really gripping piece on no-knock SWAT tragedies? Here you go: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/03/18/us/forced-entry-warrant-drug-raid.html?_r=0

The Maryland mayor who had his dogs shot in a botched raid is my go to piece for people who don’t realize this is a problem.



Dave’s not here


What lame-brain narcotics detective rationalizes probable cause on the basis that most cannabis users/growers dispose of ounces of the stuff in the garbage? I wonder if the judge would have been as casually dismissive if some of the SWAT team were killed in their botched raid.


Bunch of f’ing goons, WTF…


Hey, KC made the news… oh… damn…

Only a state or two over and they are making money hand over fist from legalizing it! The war on drugs is a failure. It continues to be nothing more than a reasoning to erode civil liberties as well as target poor minorities. That they can’t tell tea leaves from pot its mind blowing. That they wasted the resources for a single residence with no evidence is fucking absurd. If I sucked that hard at my job, I’d be fired.

Hey @JonS if you want to see me condemn authority, here you go. Should I tag you the next time as well?

Though this reminds me of a fun story: In college I worked at Walmart and there was this guy Dudley there. Nice guy, but not very bright. Or maybe just immature. His mom also worked there. One day I found out he was grounded. Turns out, he was growing tomato plants in his closet. Then his mom figured out the ones in the back weren’t tomatoes. I was like, “Has she met Dudley? His sudden interest in growing tomatoes would have been a red flag. How did he sell the tomatoes? ‘Mom, wouldn’t you like a fresh tomato for your salads during the winter?’”


Cc @Mister44 now THIS is a text book example of bad cops being bad. I’m sure based on the account they missed a proper procedure where they confirmed the suspected materials and OFC they didn’t just going nuts and all tactical like wanna be special forces.

These are the jackasses.


Wet tea mistaken for cannabis. Sigh.

This is why it’s important for parents to have the talk with their kids: this is what actual drugs look like.


It’s just a hundred thousand bad apples.


Welcome to Imperial Trumpistan…OBEY.


Judge Carlos Lucero, however, is on point.